(solved) Problem with ADAT optical

Want to say first that I am not posting this in the 828 forum as I am hoping to get some more reads for the post

I have recently purchased a Motu 828x and have hooked up to my WIN 8 PC through thunderbolt. It is working and sounding great. I also have two other interface the STEINBERG MR816csx and MOTU8 pre. My goal was to have 24 channel through ADAT optical connections.

The Motu 828x and 828 pre work together wonderfully, no issues to report on this setup. I can also run MR816 as the master and place either the 8pre or 828x as slave with no issues. That is where good news for me ends :unamused:
Here are issues I am running into:

I connect adat out from 816 to 828x and I see signal in input meter of Steinberg device but nothing getting to Motu 828x. (I did not have firewire hooked up on 816mrx)

I connect 816csx through firewire and then changed setting to ADAT and 44.1khz in MR mixer/Steinberg driver. I then start the 828x which cuts off my ability to see the MR or Steinberg driver. The control panel on MR816 has ADAT and 44.1 still lit green though.

So after a couple of hour of trying to make this work I am wondering if it is possible to use MR816 as slave or does it have to be default device in chain?

I hate to lose the use of 816 it has great preamps so if anyone is using it as a slave to another device (especially a MOTU box) . Any ideas or experience will be greatly appreciated.

You have to uninstall the “tools for MR” not the driver for your MR816.

I´m sure that´s what everybody in here wants…

Thanks for the reply, I am confused about what 'uninstall the “tools for MR” means. I see in add remove programs I remove MR editor (and I can also remove MR extensions through installation of program) and still leave the FW driver in place. Is this correct and is that I can use the interface as slave to Motu’s clock for Cubase?
I see you use several interfaces also do you have the MR working as slave?

I’m guessing that this is a sync problem. I had a quick look at the spec of the MR (I don’t have one) and I can’t see any manual as such, nor could I find any information on what it needs in order to sync. It may be that you have to select the sync source in the MR editor. In any case, although I’d recommend that you use word clock, there’s no reason ADAT sync shouldn’t work … I’ve used (older) 828s both as slave and master but you have to select the sync source, so I’m sure the MR is similar.

BTW, for the MR to act as slave, you’ll need an ADAT cable from the 828 output to the MR input as well as selecting ADAT as the sync source on the MR …

Sorry not in front of the computer right now. The tools for MR are the extensions that are added to Cubase. And no I don’t slave the mr816 to anything yet. You might want to do a search on the forum, you problem has been discussed before. Try in the hardware mr816 part of the forum.

I can at least confirm for you that I’ve sucessfully synced two Focusrite audio interfaces via ADAT without doing anything special except for setting the master unit’s Focusrite driver to sync source “internal” and the slave unit’s sync source to “ADAT.”

I suspect it’s not a setting in Cubase.

I agree it is a sync issue but I have done all things in manual. It seems from reading in forum there are many people with same issue but most posts are old that I found. I would say it is my error except it is working with my other interfaces. From what I see on forum most suggest that the MR816 should be first in chain.

I am having great success and running very low latency with the new interface so I don’t see going back and to having 816 as Master. Just want the option for 24 tracks when needed. I wrote to support but haven’t heard back yet, hopefully they can tell me straight up what to do or to consider it a piece of gear in my past :frowning:

Looks like more than you have problems in general with sync on the MR:
Sample rate won’t stay at 44.1

Yes looks like they are only talking 816 to 816 daisy chain. at least I run 44.1 so that shouldnt be issue though

Just to make sure You have connected both in and out adat to out and in adat. Set the motu to master and the mr816 to slave. what happens if you try a different DAW like reaper ?
If it works in reaper I would still recommend uninstalling the MR extensions in Cubase. But i guess it only is a problem when the computer also is connected via firewire to the mr816. you could try uninstalling the MR816 driver however just to be sure it doesn’t make problems.

Hello Kenny,

does not sound like a sync issue to me.

Given the proper connections are set and the clock is set to ADAT on the slave, perhaps what’s missing is the routing in the MR Editor?

You need to set the Mic channels for each ADAT entry (selectable pairs on the left):
ADAT 1-2: Mic 1 panned L, Mic 2 panned R, all other channels muted
ADAT 3-4: Mic 3 L, Mic 4 R, all others M …and so on.

Of course, you need to have the MR connected to the computer to do this, but then you can save the set-up as a Scene, disconnect it and use it as a stand-alone slave.
I’m home with no access to an MR right now, so I might forget some details, but can check further on monday.

Thanks Fabio, will give it a shot in morning and report back

Hello Kenny,

I corrected my post, I mixed it up: ADAT, not OUT… sorry, was pretty late over here.

Thanks Fabio I assumed that is what you meant :slight_smile:

You have gotten me almost there It seems though that I only am hearing my signal now as MAIN type outputs, If I select adat 1-8 off my new interface inputs I hear the same thing. Basically a stereo sum of mix. I am sure it is something simple I am missing. SHould I have also muted main outs?

FYI I also am using adat out and in on the MR816, I assume that is needed

If you would like me to I can upload images of the MR setup just tell me what you need to make this not a headache for you
Thanks again,

You’ve got PM!

Fabio, you are the greatest!!! Thanks for the personal service, your service in Europe and Germany rocks!
All is working now!

Please let me know what solved your problem as i have the exact same problem. I’m trying to set my MR816CSX as a slave to my UAD Apollo Twin, but tho all seems good there is no sound from my MR going into my UAD console.


you need to configure the MR Editor as pictured in the attached jpeg.

– Select an ADAT pair on the right (e.g. ADAT 1-2)
– Mute all MIC inputs except the correspondent channels (e.g. MIC 1 and MIC 2)
– Proceed in the same fashion for the other pairs as per the arrows’ colour scheme

Once this is done, you will need to enable the UAD’s ADAT inputs in VST Connections, in order to route MR’s audio signal via ADAT.

You will need to connect the MR to the computer once and make the routing. Upon closing the MR Editor, the settings will be saved and you can use the unit stand-alone.

Thanks for your reply! Yes i had my system setup like that (see the setting pictures.
Stil no sound, it should be monitoring directly in my virtual console but nothing happens while playing my synth (do have signal on the MR in’s)