[SOLVED] Small and Large CC values issue


How can I set automation values between 0-4 & 123-127? Even with a fully expanded piano roll/automation editor, these values are not addressable with touch input and I’ve not found an option for numeric input.

I’m trying to use bank and programs change CC to set patches of IAA sound sources, which is quite impossible, if you happen to need say program or bank 3.



an overview of the available CC parameters you can find in the Cubasis User Guide:



Hi Ricardo,

I have the correct CC parameter, it’s setting the correct value for that parameter that causing me trouble (as in every parameter event will have time (x) and value (y)).

For instance I am unable to give it a value between 1-3. Using the piano roll, the value simply snaps from 4 to 0 as I approach the bottom edge of the screen. I have the same issue at the other end of the value range. Fully expanding the Piano Roll editor does not help. I’ve found no other input method available.

I’m on an iPad Air 2 with iOs 8.3.


Hi again,

sorry confused at first… :wink: the value behavior is a know issue and on our list to be fixed:


Wait, please set snap value to “Off” and give it another try.
Please let us have your feedback.


Indeed turning time snap off, get’s around the problem. There is a disturbance in the time space continuum :slight_smile:

Thank you guys!