[SOLVED] VST Connection Presets - How To Edit?

Hi all,

I have several VST Connection Presets which crash NU11 instantly. I want to get rid of them, but the command “Remove Preset” can only be used after a Preset has been recalled - which doesn’t work for the aforementioned reason.

I searched in all of Nuendo’s XMLs, but I couldn’t spot the location to delete theses entrances manually. I would be very thankful for any pointer in the right direction.

Looks like they are located in ControlRoomPresets.pxml

Ahhhhh! Thanks a bunch, I was looking for the wrong file extensions (*.xml). This does the trick. two thumbs up

They were all stored in C:/ user/ Computername/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Nuendo 11_64
if you save this location you can save a lot of time, when you have to install new.
here it is also possible to save the missing externaleffekts

You’re referring to the User Settings Data Folder, but this is not the correct path.

Here is the correct path, which can be pasted into a Windows File Explorer location field or the Windows Run dialog box (Win+R)

%appdata%\steinberg\Nuendo 11_64\

For more info see https://www.howtogeek.com/318177/what-is-the-appdata-folder-in-windows/

yes you are right, my english is too bad sorry.
but important is to know this path, because it solve all the problems when Nuendo has to install new, or someting is going wrong.
Just the big undo :slight_smile: