[SOLVED] Weird graphical issues (related to aero maybe !)

I got windows 7 sp1 32bits (with aero inactive at install, but activated when it said “aero must be on”) and an Nvidia GTX275 (with latest drivers) graphic card …

1st when i launch cubase pro, at “video file handling”, it says "windows has changed the color scheme (blue solid taskbar, instead of my black transparent one) … but ok it wouldnt be important to have a solid blue taskbar and an alert message…

But I got some weirds graphical bugs:

1- As cubase pro launched i got this screen: blank with no menu displaying

2- I used my CTRL+N to see if i could launch a template…and it worked but still no menus, and a tranparency bug (under “cubase pro project - untitled1”)

3- As seen on tha screenshot, after right clicking any where, i can pass the mouse on the top bar and get menus to appear under the mouse

I tried to cut aero, to only activate “desktop composition” and “buttons styles” … i tried “let windows choose the display” and “best perf” and “best display” … no way to get that working


Sorry to hear that.

Here’s my issue.


so you cant even get the aero back? yeah annoying

what is weird, for me, is that it launches… i can force a new project by CTRL+N … and then still no menu bar, but if i right click anywhere, and left click on the “empty menu bar” then yeah i have the menu poping and can cycle trough them…
How frustrating !!! (plus a minor transparency bug at the top)

Same issue as Nomad here, when I click on the menu it just glitches and looks like this, kind of annoying, having some plugin transfer issues too but I just got it an hour ago

Windows 7 Home Premium 64

Can you tell me what is your graphic card?
I get an error saying that windwos switched to “basic color scheme”, are you too? (i believe not as your win looks still black, mine goes from black to a blue after the message)

So I started trying to point out where was the problem that was deactivating aero while loading cubase (both 7.5 and 8)…and it was while “video file handling”…

Then when i clicked on the windows error “the color scheme has been changed” i saw :
-program : video engine decode
-publisher : steinberg media
-etc etc

So yeah i just pointed out the video was causing my aero problem…I went into my cubase 7.5 install folder, went into “components” and renamed every files with “video…” 2 exes and 2 dlls
I launched cubase 7.5 and no more aero “crash” !!!

So I did exactly the same in the cubase 8 folder…and no more aero crash, and my menu bar is not hidden anymore. IT WORKS FINE, except for the video !!!

(Steinberg I pointed out the problem for you…the video engine/decode…I dont need it, but maybe some people wont like to disable video to fix a graphic problem)