[SOLVED] Yamaha AG06 + Cubasis 2.1 doesn´t record

I have the audio interface Yamaha AG06 and iPad Air2 64GB.
I have also the payed version of Cubasis 2.1.

The Yamaha works perfectly in all softwares. The iPad recognizes it perfectly.
Even Cubasis 2.1 recognizes and I am capable to reproduce songs on it.

When I try to record using Cubasis 2.1, it ignores the input and only records SILENCE.

I’ve installed Cubasis 2 LE in the same iPad, and doing the exact same steps, it works!
So it´s not a problem in the Yamaha AG06. It seems that Cubasis 2.1 has some bug in order to record.

Steps to reproduce:

Do you guys know if I need an update?
How can I fix this in Cubasis 2.1?

Thanks a lot!

HI folks
After reading this topic, I solved the problem.

I should have switched MIC on in Cubasis Preferences.
Now it’s working like a charm.

Thanks a lot

Thanks for the update.
We’re glad to hear that a previous posting helped to solve the issue.