Some Dorico 5 Bugs

Hello Dorico team! I’ve noticed some bugs whilst recently using the latest D5 version. Please take a look:

  • Text editing: the frame moves to the right of the screen when you change a property such as text size or position. Here:


  • Copy slurs problem when filtering and copying them as articulations. Not sure if it’s a bug, or I’m doing something wrong here. I’d like to copy the slurs next to each other, not on top of the last note.

  • MusicXML imports ‘sf’, ‘sff’, ‘sfff’ and similar dynamics as staff text, not as dynamics.

  • For some reason I cannot add fingering at my desired caret position, particularly inside tied notes. It would make sense to be allowed that.

Here are some ideas that could be considered in order to improve general workflow:

  • Be able to multiselect layouts when opening part scores.
  • Some popover or graphic interface for noteheads.
  • Extending the caret downwards with the shift key and down arrow is nice. It would conversely make semantical sense to be able to extend it upwards with the shift key and up arrow.
  • Having menus & other modes a click away. For instance, double-clicking on an instrument name to open up the window to edit its name, double-click a slur to go to Engrave mode, etc.
  • Flip ties in write mode. To me, it doesn’t make sense the fact that you can flip slurs (which are expressive), and not a music item like a tie.
  • Ability to set which properties to show on the properties panel (probably already requested).
  • Hiding rests and showing cautionary accidentals on the beginning of the page (“basic features” I hope are implemented on the upcoming releases).
  • Having a unified command for hiding items in engrave mode: press ‘h’ to hide a stem, a barline, a notehead, a rest, etc. (and/or assignable shortcuts to all of them)
  • The same goes for flipping items with ‘f’. It works for most items. However, harmonics (o), for instance, need to be flipped as a property. It would be good if a shortcut could be assigned to it, or they would flip with ‘f’ just like playing techniques.
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Hiding rests and showing cautionary accidentals on the beginning of the page (“basic features” I hope are implemented on the upcoming releases).

There’s global layout settings for cautionaries, such as which cautionary style do you want (modern, etc). If you’re talking about cautionary key sigs then there’s no toggle way to hide it, but you can with using Flows, fermatas and other tricks.

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In addition to showing those properties in use, you can also use the Search bar to show only the Property you’re trying to find.


I think allowing people to ‘customize’ which Properties show and which don’t is just going to cause more confusion, with people trying to find things they’ve forgotten are hidden.


dang, never noticed that. Crazy deep app.

You “slurs behavior” is a known one. It’s been requested (a fair amount of time ago) that the behavior could be changed to a more useful one, where the repeated slur (that behavior is the same when using R) does not start on the end-slur note but the very next one. Something for Dorico 6?


There is a “Show/Hide Item” command, which you can assign a key to; though it only works with items that have their own ‘Hide’ property, e.g. Clefs, Time sigs, etc.
However, I know that the team prefers that you should ‘not have a thing’ instead of having ‘an invisible thing’. E.g. if you don’t want a barline, then delete it, or use a local time sig to change the metre on one staff.


Copy slurs - use alt-click

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Many good ideas.

This is an interesting ramification with the Copy Articulations feature. As I said in a thread last year:

This is because fingerings are a property of notes, and tied values are a single note. I imagine the team might feel this is not necessary. For a finger substitution such as “2-1” I don’t recall ever seeing the rhythmic position specified.

This works for me, at least in Dorico 4.3 and earlier.

After some thought I understand what you mean about accidentals – I suspect that may be too difficult to implement because of casting-off recursion – but I don’t know what you mean about rests.

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I know that there’s at least one item this doesn’t apply to: Player Labels. And it really bugs me. I don’t think this behaviour has changed with D5? I don’t have it yet.

In Dorico 5 you can select the player label(s), and then press “j” and type “hide”.

Yes but it’s not a property you can hide with the show/hide key command - which is the kind of thing that the OP has brought up.

You can by editing the JSON file. I’ve done this for Coda signs: H to hide. Works great.


I’ve done one as well but I couldn’t get it to work with the same command as the default hide/show command and so I have two different commands to do the same function. Obviously, it’s not a big deal but was just sayin’.

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For the purpose of reviving this thread, here’s some more wishes in the list:

  • Multiple text creation (this would be a logical addition that’s perhaps even coming soon…)
  • The ability to extend the reach of multiple playing techniques horizontally at the same time.
  • Custom articulations on tied notes (a workaround might be on the way as I’ve sensed in the Facebook group)
  • “Normal” copy pasting commands of Engrave mode frames, and being able to mouse-drag multiple selected frames.

They are not huge requests, but definitely some nice things to have.

“Some popover or graphic interface for noteheads”

This would be outstanding, I would love this. One for D6 I hope!