Some features I would like to see in Cubase 8 update


These are some features that I think would make a better experience in C8:

  • Border-less windows for the Time Display and Video Player

  • Full screen mode for the event display and all cubase, not only the mixer

  • Let Cubase recognize midi keyboard after starting

Hi - I don’t believe either of these can be addressed by Steinberg; they are part of the Windows OS architecture. I think the Full-Screen mixer view (border-less window) is only possible under Win OS, in that exact mode. So unless you are after the Time Display and Video Player as separate Full-Screen border-less windows (to place them on different monitors for example), then sorry, but this request is only possible by Microsoft… :wink:

(Though, please correct me if I’m wrong…!)


Thanks Bob

It’s good to know that updating to Windows 10 will make these windows border-less… So now I am waiting for Steinberg’s approval on Windows 10

Agreed, but lets keep these requests in one place so that Steinberg will prioritize it. Thanks :wink:

Check it out at the link below. Also, there are a few workarounds listed in the thread that might work for you. I don’t know if they work because I have not tried them. I just want Steinberg to add the feature (really to fix it :unamused: ).

Regards :sunglasses: