Some Inter app intruments do not play intermittently

Hello, I have a problem with inter app instruments do not play time to time. It happens very often. for example, korg arp Odessey, Synthmaster one. These are midi tracks and some times play and some times do not play. İt is very annoying and I can not finish my song for about one month. I can not mix down. They do not sound if make mixdown either. Please Help to find a solution to this.

Hi @Kubilay,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the forum.

Inter-App Audio comes with many limitations and Apple has released Audio Unit support quite a while ago, which can be more or less seen as their successor to IAA.

To learn more, please have a look at our dedicated Limitations of Inter-App Audio article. Algonside, we recommend to use Audio Unit apps where possible, which provide much more flexibility.

In this regard, please see how easy it is to use AU instruments and effects plug-ins with Cubasis in our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Lars,

I am not new to Cubasis and been using it for quite enough time to understand the program. My point is interapp instruments like Korg Module and Synthmaster One. While three or four korg module interapp instruments are working fine, other three or four of them works intermittemtly. Some times work but mostly not… I love Cubasis but this is my problem and driving me crazy a lot. I can not finish my project because of this. I believe there are many users that are facing the same problem like me. I really do not want to quit using Cubasis but under these circumstances there seems no other way. I believe you can solve this issue.

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