Something I don't understand about Alternative text attribute

What is the logic behind the attribute Alternative text of playing techniques that adds the text typed but keeps the original? Is this the correct behavior? If so, what is the reason?

Yes. It’s just an easier way of adding a text instruction to a glyph, and having it behave as a single item (glyph plus text).

Ostensibly the text is intended to be explanatory, if the glyph isn’t commonly used.

I find it strange, but OK.

I don’t think “Alternative text” is the best way to describe what this attribute does.

How would you concatenate two texts using playing technique (and keeping its style if I have to change it later)?

I don’t understand your question, sorry.

For example: “1. solo, pizz.” (I know solo is not a technique, but I want to use it together with pizz. and if I change the font style of the playing technique later – I usually do – I don’t want to go back and check every text I added using, for example, the text popover). The “Alternative text” would be perfect for that, but it doesn’t do what I thought. The only way I can think could do what I want is to duplicate the pizz. technique with the text I want.

This is confusing though. Alternative means “instead of”, not “in addition to”.

It’s intended to mean “text instead of a symbol.” But I agree the it’s not clear what it means until somebody explains it.