SONNOX does not support WAVELAB

I can’t believe it! :imp:

We don’t officially support WaveLab
As a result of performance issues beyond our control, we are unable to officially qualify Sonnox plug-ins for use in WaveLab.

We will continue to work with Steinberg to resolve these issues and update you all here.


SONNOX modified their message 2017-Jan-20. More than five months ago.

The topic to complain about third party plugins is here:
Thank you.

It’s sad but it seems that many plugin developers only have the resources to support Cubase, but not WaveLab which as we know requires it’s own set of testing and tweaks with many 3rd party plugins. It seems that many (especially new) plugin developers assume that if their plugin works in Cubase, it will work in all Steinberg products and therefor only test Cubase because it’s the biggest one.

I’m not sure why VST3 is so tricky compared to VST2 but it’s the reality that we are presented with.

Aside from that, I think the fact that WaveLab offers clip plugins adds to the issues. Most DAWs have only track/channel plugins.

Pro Tools just added clip plugin style processing but they in perhaps a wise move only allow stock plugins at this time until the developers can be sure their plugins are solid as clip plugins.

I find it sad that Wavelab continues to “buck the trend” (for seemingly years on end) - with it’s wonky plugin pipeline infrastructure - all to no real value.

I cannot understand why Wavelab cannot standardize on whatever standard VST engine code that drives Cubase/Nuendo VST usage and leave it at that. A few years back when I was a Nuendo user - there wasn’t a plugin out there that would not work with it.

These days - struggling with WL and it’s bizarre plugin rules is simply not worth my time in most cases.


Then how do the three Sonnox restoration titles come bundled with Wavelab 9 Pro? Did I miss something?

This is just my guess that the Sonnox restoration titles come bundled with Wavelab were a special case development. I feel this way because those were VST3 plugins long before Sonnox had VST3 versions of all their own plugins.

Only in the last few weeks has Sonnox started to roll out VST3 versions of their existing plugins. Until recently, they offered VST2 only.

VST3 seems to be challenging for many plugin developers. The last big holdout seems to be UAD who offers VST2 only, no VST3. As much I prefer VST3 when possible, I must respect UAD and Sonnox to some degree for not doing VST3 until they are able to give us something reliable in as many DAWs as possible.

I wish Steinberg could make it simpler for VST3 implementation but we clear have widespread issues in WaveLab, though it’s slowly getting better from both sides.

I use the Sonnox Limiter on practically every project as part of the compression scheme for over two years and it works fine (VST2) as recently as last night. FWIW, it’s more stable than any other plug …

I’ve also had no real issues with the VST2 versions. I use Inflator, Limiter, and SuprEsser often. I think it’s the recent VST3 versions they’re starting to roll out that they are especially concerned about.

For now, I am staying with VST2 of Sonnox. As the VST3 versions roll out, they seem less stable in WaveLab than VST2.

The VST2 versions do work here.

I know. I did not complain. I simply asked: When?