Sound Card options for Cubase - with expansion potential

Thanks for posting this. Been wondering for awhile how to proceed when my FIreface400 inevitably can’t talk to the computer. Your approach never dawned on me, but it makes tons of sense.

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@Dr.Strangelove @Elien
One might even say, that quite a bit of the entire preferences architecture in Cubase could use some improvements. It’s one of the goofiest UI implementations for saving preferences I’ve seen anywhere. :crazy_face:

100% agree

lots of things feel bolted on - some preferences that should be ‘project based’ are global and visa-versa - some preferences don’t even save . Approximately 247 different places to change preferences etc etc

Getting very off topic now - but I think the preference revamp wouldn’t actually be a huge dev task. It would keep users like myself happy, who want bug fixes and simple workflow improvements.

I’d just make much more ‘project based’ - including toolbar settings - quantise settings.

Low hanging fruit :slight_smile:

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+1 for RME, set it and forget it, and change only the analogue bits connected to it. I’ve been running a RayDAT for years with various preamps from many different manufacturers connected over ADAT; considering moving to AVB but it looks like MADI may be the more future-proof.

As for guitar preamps, the annoying thing is that many have digital outputs but without a sync or digital input, the only way you can use the digital output optimally is if you make it the master clock source.


Thanks for your kind words! – By the way, since you’re also into the guitar thing - if you’re interested I could also write up somewhere, why and how I’m recording guitar in surround sound.

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I’ve an ancient POD xt pro - that has external clocking use AES out so that works…but I’d have zero concern going analog out and avoiding all of the clocking issues.

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I’d be interested in this :slight_smile:

start a thread !

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Your wish is my command: Why Cubase Pro thinks I'm recording my guitar tracks in surround sound

So what’s out there thats like 8 analog inputs and an ADAT out?

(getting seriously off topic !) …what’s the budget ? Options range from cheap to expensive :slight_smile:

Mic preamps ? or just line level ?

Continuing seriously off-topic:

  • tube pre-amps or solid-state?
  • up to 96KHz or 192KHz?

And there’s lots of inconsistency how they are called. Some are sold as pre-amps, others as A/D D/A converters, and still others as audio interfaces. Music stores tend to hire musicians :sunglasses:, not computer scientists :nerd_face:

Alternatively: Used full interfaces with ADAT capability - especially Firewire interfaces with good pre-amps as they’re increasingly being replaced (and some (many?) not realizing that they could still use them as Analog <==> ADAT converters.

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Not over ADAT :slight_smile: even 96khz needs a bit of a fudge with ADAT.

RME seems to disagree (as per their manual) :nerd_face::

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(sorry - thought it best to split this off - I’d derailed the original (valid!) feature request)

The original ADAT protocol was 16/24 bit at 8 channel 44.1/48khz- then s/mux allows higher sample rates by reducing the amount of channels.

S/mux4 does allow 192khz you’re 100% correct :slight_smile: - I think RME may be the only ones that support it though ?

(quick google - Mytek also support it)

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… the fudge appears to be reasonably widely supported (it’s listed in the manuals for both of my other devices, too (Steinberg MR816csx and Presonus DigiMax FS)

However, to be fair, I’ve never actually used anything over 48KHz myself, since at my age I can’t hear up there anyway and I’m not recording birds or bees for science. :crazy_face:

yes most stuff does 96khz - it’s just that you lose half the channels - or have to use 2 adat connections…that’s what I meant be a bit of a fudge.

The super cheap behringer doesn’t though…and some of the focusrite preamps I’ve got kicking around don’t

I’m exactly the same - I’m still 99% 44.1khz. I’m not a great believer in the benefits of higher sample rates, unless it’s for anti-aliasing processing…

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this is a very good overview IMO

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Actually I not asking about a specific use. Rather I want to get a sense of what is out there that folks like using. Before this thread I hadn’t given much thought about audio interfaces because mine was working fine. Still in the back of my mind I know someday the firewire will flake out. Figured when that happened I’d need to get something similar with a modern computer connection. Then when Nico5 made the point about separating the Interface from the analog digital conversion, that made a bunch of sense. So now I’m curious what options are out there.

Last night I took a quick look on Sweetwater and the naming inconsistency made it impossible to sort out without spending a lot of time looking at details. I do like the idea of used devices. I do have an an ADAT recorder that I’ve kept around solely for the A/D (it eats tape).

well at the ‘budget end’ - the very popular choice is the Behringer (!) ADA8000 or ADA8200
The Focusrite octopre range, from the Platinum LE to the modern ones.

Audient do nice ones the APS008/APS800 (i think)

Or the RME ones…

FWIW the convertors in the original ADAT were pretty poor - and 16 bit IIRC?

Plenty to choose from.

One possibility I’d never considered is having mixed quality converters. For example have a high quality set of I/O that meets your needs most of the time. But then also a secondary more budget minded set for when you need more. Also, in my case adding Inputs is mostly more useful than adding Outputs.

I’m thinking of physically rearranging some things in my room, and revamping my I/O could play into that. So mostly trying to think through the possibilities. Then after that the official procrastination period begins.