Sound Clicks on Start/Stop playback

Anyone got any possible reasons why my output sound click/spikes/crackles almost everytime i hit the space bar to start/stop playback.

I have noticed that the ASIO TIME USAGE meter is not really effects while this happens but the DISK CACHE USAGE meter hits the red.

I’ve also increase my m-audio 192 soundcard buffer size up to 1024 but still the problem persists.

Intel Core 2 Quad
8gb ram
Windows 7 64bit
Cubase 6 64bit
Dual Hard Disks

Thanks in advance

Welcome to Cubase.

I’ve asked Steinberg to fix this since version 4. Some DAWs will add a slight fade in/fade out when starting and stopping playback. This reduces the chance for the audio engine producing an alarming pop whenever you start/stop playback.

Ty out Reaper and it has a selectable fadein/out on playback option. Really smooth and fatigue free!

Tascam solved this issue in the '90ies on their DA88 by allowing playback of the waveform only starting at zero-crossing (was a firmware upgrade: chip replacement!).

The short fade-in and fade out is a simple workaround.

The issue is caused by C6 (and most other DAW SW) starting and stopping playback at the exact cursor point, so if the wave is at one of its higher energy points you have a drastic zero-to-100 wave form resulting in a click.

Never happens here?

Nope never happens here either!

Just a couple of thoughts… are you running samples for a vsti ‘ROMpler’ such as VSl/BFD/HALion etc, from the same drive as your audio drive?
Have you got a lot of audio tracks with real time time stretching applied (any of the algos), do you defrag regularly?
what speed/size are your HDs? is your audio HD on the same bus as an optical drive? (this can cause all drives on that bus to run at the speed of the slowest drive on that bus)… for starters? :wink:


Here is when you can really hear the problem. Record a sine wave that lasts at least 10 seconds anywhere from 400Hz to 8kHz in pitch/overall frequency.

When you hit play it will pop on startup, and will also pop on stopping playback. This is very fatiguing when mixing for hours on end. I find that music with a lot of transients do not exhibit the problem as much as sustained tones like pads.

My system has three separate Western Digital 7200RPM 16Meg buffer hardrives. One for the OS and programs, one for audio and one for samples. I defrag all of the time. No fancy time stretching or anything like that. I use a solid RME soundcard.

It exhibits this behavior on my previous machine as well. Also does this on my Mac Mini.

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