Sound Content for Dorico 4 Download Issues

Am just undertaking a fresh install of all my Steinberg products on a new Mac Studio.
All my downloads and library sound files are on Thunderbolt 4 linked external drives.
The Library manager was updated to the patch required for vstsound library.
Download assistants path input for external download file location.
Dorico appears to be doing something very odd on the download of sound content which has been running over 2hours for what appears too be a 3.7gb file.
Before the download completes fully it appears Ito kick into the verification stage and I can only assume that each individual vstsound file is trying to be verified before it’s fully dowloaded. The Download assistant is showing verifying… The Download folder does not show any vstsound file suffix on any of the downloaded soundfiles so all look incomplete.

This looks like a bug in the downloading and installation sequence from the sound file interaction with download assistant…

Ive attached screen shots below.

Why is it taking so long ? Will it finish or will I have to terminate?

Any comments appreciated. This is not good on a clean machine?


Elements should not take long to download compared to the HSO that comes with Pro. Perhaps trying to load directly onto a remote disk is having an effect and using the default location, and then moving the files using the Steinberg Library Manager would be more reliable and even faster.

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OK that’s a reasonable assumption Derek.
My steps will have to be
1: Terminate the download assistant then restart and hope a force quit won’t corrupt anything other than the content file Im trying to download.
2: Change the path to the internal drive (which of course Im trying to avoid given space is at a premium as that’s the most expensive location).

After download Ill also have the extra step of offloading the downloaded file to my standard (space management) location.

This is what annoys me a lot about automatic assumptions made by software developers. They seem to live in a “techno only” world where I as a user live in a “budgeted cost” world. .
Ok let’s give this a go and see if problem persists.

If you have anything further to discuss related to this issue, please do so in the other thread you started on this topic: