Sound Issues

Just recently installed Dorico and walked through all of the steps in the audio troubleshooting video, nothing worked. I can hear outside audio from YouTube, and HalION sonic is properly loading my instrument (I can see the level meter moving as well as hearing the sound), I have activated the instrument in Dorico, but no sound comes out during playback. What do I do?

Welcome to the forum! Are you on Windows or Mac? I guess on Windows. Have you tried installing ASIO4ALL and using that instead of the default Generic Lower-Latency ASIO Device? You can get ASIO4ALL here.

All I had to do was restart Dorico! Don’t know why that worked, but it did, so…

I get this problem all the time. Someone must know a better way than having to restart Dorico. I am just producing double bass parts, and swapping between other programs in between, such as Youtube, photos, mail etc (Mac user). When I get back to Dorico the sound has stopped.

I see a few variations of this topic on the forum, ie

I have a theory if anyone is interested.

in the setup, there is an option to “allow MSIO to have exclusive access to port”.
I think when dorico is installed, this option is enabled.

So, when you start dorico while you have something running in the background (ie, media player, Audacity, webbrowser, etc) that has already attached itself to the port, dorico won’t be able to get it exclusively and it looks like (based on your system) some users:
a) get no sound [dorico can’t get the port]
b) get sound exclusively [dorico steals the port].

Users, by restarting, closing things, other general debugging, eventually knock the port loose, and it suddenly “works”.

Anyhow, that is my theory.

Do you use a dedicated audio interface or just Built-in Audio? I’ve tried here with my iMac and Built-in Audio and have no trouble with Youtube (in Firefox) and Dorico in parallel.
Both put out audio at the same time, no matter which app in in front.

If you have that problem again, please go in Dorico to Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That will create a zip file on your desktop. Please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg de’.