SoundCloud Integration in Cubase 6 ?


I think it would be pretty cool if we could have SoundCloud music publishing integration into Cubase 6 in a future update !

This would make it quite fast, and easy to share, and demo our music on the web via a few clicks form within Cubase 6.

What do you think ?

Many music apps. are offering this feature. So, why not have it in Cubase 6.

Just a simple suggestion for a future Cubase 6 update.


In my humble opinion it’s better to keep stuff like that outside of Cubase to avoid clutter and unnecessary complexity.


I totally respect you humble opinion :slight_smile:

But… I don’t consider this type of feature a complexity, but rather a simple convenience that would make a lot of sense to have in a modern 2011 DAW such as Cubase 6.

The World Wide Web is part of our musical environment, and imho. integrating publishing tools in applications is a trend that is gradually gaining popularity, not the opposite. I’m pretty sure this is a simple task for Steinberg’s programmers.


<Devil’s advocate mode>

But Steinberg already has Rebeat…

Putting that functionality into Cubase would (from their POV) lose them potential Rebeat customers.

From another angle, why Soundcloud? Surely providing just one option is rather biased/limiting?

And once you’ve mastered your track, you’ll be saving it to your hard drive, so then what’s the big deal about having to upload it onto a web site yourself?

Also, a lot of Cubase users work on a dedicated studio computer with no internet connection, avoiding the hit on audio from AV apps etc.

Seriously … where would it end? :open_mouth: You’re working on a deadline and a window pops up from someone asking to “friend” you?
HOWEVER … if all you want to do is have a process run after an audio mixdown (export) then there is already some integration with WaveLab 7, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to choose another application instead of WaveLab as long as it would take the name of the exported file as it’s (command line) parameter …

I’d be against this as well, it’s not too hard to export and upload it yourself. Next thing you know they’re including support so people can see what you worked on :sunglasses:

While your at, why not just throw in intergration with Twitter, Facebook, ReverbNation, Hi5, Linked In, PMPworldwide, and for old times sake MYSPACE! YEAH!!! :wink:

I would also like Excel integrated in Cubase…so I can work on my spreadsheets while I am bouncing audio. :laughing:

Rebeat is an aggreation service, has nothing to do with Souncloud, which is exposure. as an artist you need both.

I would like to keep both as far way from Cubase as possible, Cubase is a DAW, not a publishing service.
also what’s the issue with uploading your freshly rendered mixdown from your desktop inot soundcloud rather than “export to soundcloud”

what’s next, have a wordprocessor in cubase as it’s handy to keep notes, or a calculator. keep it clean and focussed.

Yep i have to agree… BAD idea!
Things like msn/aim etc are bad enough for annoying popups etc… this would just be asking for trouble… ok in something like EJ or fruityloops it may be valid but NOT for cubase…

Exactly, Cubase aims to please pro’s not social media addicts.
In my studio i am focussed on producing and i couldn’t care less for someone pinging me to become a friend or somekind of a SC stats updater. :mrgreen:

While we’re at it, maybe Cubase could email Simon Cowell so that he can prime Leona to expect a hot hit from Rok’s Radio-Ready Productions! :unamused:


I wouldn’t mind ‘giving leona a ‘hot hit’’ :wink:

No thanks. Absolutely not.

I want a Cubase DAW with 100% stability. If necessary, strip out superfluous “features” to achieve that. I certainly do not want any “social networking” of any type integrated into my DAW. No. No. No!

Like Steven and J-lo say, that’s a NO from me too! :wink:

(again) Dont´need such redundant toyish feature.

Soundcloud talks to some of those already which is kind of the point. If you actually understood the technology you’re arguing against you’d probably already know that… that anyone with Soundcloud “integration” for publishing will (can) also hit Facebook and MySpace for example, at the same time. Publish to A and it flows through to your playlists on B, C, D and E. That’s kinda how the Internnet works in many ways.

So if you’re a musician who has people who follow your “underground” music, and maybe buy it, sure, you can render a mix and it will publish to Soundcloud , update your Facebook and MySpace players, and probably also - through one of those by itself, send out a tweet to anyone following your music that you have a new song up… for sale maybe.

Maybe nobody who uses Cubase would ever need anything like that. I have no idea. But maybe people giving their opinions about it’s potential value (or potential lack of value) should actually know what it is first. Otherwise it’s just noise.

I have a premium Souncloud account, my Beatport releases (published via REBEAT) can be purchased via Soundcloud. I have mastering customers via Soundcloud. Please don’t be pedantic about what you think others know about SoundCloud. It just does not belong in a DAW

“Think” has nothing to do with it. I replied to a post saying… “Why not also integrate Facebook, MySpace…”

Obviously he doesn’t know they already talk to each other. So I made no assumption there.

To your point, the “most people here don’t know” line was unfair so I removed it. I should have said, “some don’t appear to know”. I removed the references from my post that suggested that.

It just does not belong in a DAW

I respect your opinion on that and even say I don’t use it much myself. But is your opinion the definitive last word or are people allowed to form their own opinions of that? Let me know so I know what to do… think about it, reason it out, or just ask you to give me my opinion.

I mean, isn’t that the very definition of “discussion” to see what people’s various opinions are?