SoundCloud Question (settings)?

Hi folks,

I have a question for you all please regarding SoundCloud :-

Do you know how to turn off the really annoying aspect of SoundCloud where, after its played a track in your library (as in the included ‘link’ below), it automatically starts playing one of your ‘recommendations’ ?

In fact, can you totally disable these ‘recommendations’ ? I don’t want any of these whatsoever if possible. Plus, I would just prefer the track to stop after its been played (and not segue into something else).

Does anyone else experience this also ? Had to ask here as there is no forum on SC anymore.

Thanks in advance guys and i hope you can help !



I’d love to know that too, haven’t found a way to do that :frowning:.

Its dreadful isn’t it !! Plus there is no forum and you can contact SoundCloud.

I guess I could understand if it made me watch or listen to an advertisement. But, to make me listen to someone else’s music? Yeah, that would be annoying.

Hi Jaslan,

Yeh man. its a total pain in the arse. And the recommendations it makes are dreadful !!


That’s not necessarily true, it usually recommends stuff from people I follow so it’s music I’m interested in. But that’s what the stream is for, I don’t want it to do this when I’m listening to other stuff.

I did a little experiment and BLOCKED (temporarily) the people/tracks it was recommending. And they STILL came thru !!

Might be time to change the repository where you have your songs on the Net. YouTube comes to mind, though I hate the ads they now have. There also used to be a competitor to SoundCloud but for the life of me I cannot think of what it was…

Another idea might be to post the sound files up on a Google drive. Not sure how that would work out, but might be worth investigating.

Take care,

Hi Lbro,

Yeh, maybe you are right. And yes, the bloody 30 x adverts on You Tube are a head wreck !!

Here’s a list of the others I am on (if the one you are thinking of might be here) :-

Band Camp

My Space

Beat Port

Mix Cloud

Sound Click

Reverb Nation

Musician Profile

That is a good list of repositories. But I do not think it is there, I do not know as it was back about 3 years ago. I would have to take hard look at the Google drive to see how much ads they might have and how it would work out. Probably not as seamless as SoundCloud, but then it might be better in the area you are talking about and maybe the ads. If I get a chance I will take a look. One thing is for sure, I think Google gives you a good amount of disk space to fill up.


Thanks man.

Yes, that’s another thing about soundcloud, you only get about 60 x mins. Unless you go Pro, which costs about 5 quid per month!


I did a quick flyby of Google Drive. You get 15 gigs, but it also works off you email account. In other words if you have 5 GB of email you would only have 10 GB of drive space. But man that is a lot of room. Not many ads at all and I posted a MP3 file up there and it worked fine. Now the bad part, I do not think there is a way to share out to the public. It looks like you need to email everyone an invite. That will not work.

Another thought I had was that most ISP providers give you some space up on the web for free. One would have to check out what is there and if it works well for sound files. I think some give you a couple GB of space maybe. At least 200 MB I would hope. Maybe not though, but check it out as it might work well and be the solution.


Well I love answering my own posts-NOT.

At any rate I did some more checking and there is a sharing scheme for “anyone with the link can see it and access it - no password needed!”.

So my friend, if you do not have a Google account, make one, then set up your drive. One nice feature is that you can prevent others from downloading the files they have access to. If I find an MP3 to post I will put one up and then post a link here so you can see it.


Ta man,

Will check it all out in the morning.

I am on Google (plus) if that’s what you mean (as monsterjazzlicks) .



Yes, I do believe Google+ will do it. Sign into that account and try going to . Oh and before I forget there is another permission setting that allows you to make it public so that anyone on the net can find it and access the file.

Good luck and let us know how it works out for you.

Ta mate,

I just installed it. I think it ‘syncs’ to your PC so maybe everything uploads automatically. I am not sure though so will need to check. Personally, I would prefer sync to be Off.



Not sure Paul about turning it off. But I can tell you I never loaded their app on my PC. Yet I was able to upload individual files just fine and do all other functions too. I think the deal you loaded is meant to back the PC up to cloud possibly. Not sure as again, I do not run anything.

The only thing I am not sure of with Google drive is the sharing out of say a folder of songs. Can you give one web URL link and the users will then be able to see all the songs? Pretty sure it can be done, just never did it.

Take care and enjoy Google drive, hope it works out for you.

Hi LBro,

I just uploaded a file to test is out. You can share with anyone (public), with people who have the link (as I have done here), or privately (where you need a password). If someone could test it out for me please that would be excellent.

Yes, you can have up to 15GB for free !! I think You Send It and Drop Box only give you 2GB.

I downloaded the desktop installer but then uninstalled it. Its really for if you want to upload complete folders worth of stuff (for BACK UP !), and for this you also need (it seems) Google Chrome. I only really want to upload a few Cubase tracks here and there. And m happy to do them one at a time cause they all last not longer than a couple of mins max.

(“Third Thursday In May” - Seaman 2014).



Well not sure it is working or set up the way you or I would want. When I go to your link it says “NO PREVIEW AVAILABLE” - Download? So what this means is you can only download the offering and cannot just leave it up in the cloud and play it. Also, it is unclear what will happen if there are multiple files up there? Will one be shown a directory or menu so they can pick the file they want?

But yeah the lure of 15 GB worth of space is intriguing!


Correct. You can’t ‘preview’ or try before you buy !! You have to just download it and then play/read/watch them. So if I was to send you a link to a folder which had (say) 10 x songs in, you could not listen to them until you downloaded them. And if all my songs were a load of S###, then you will have wasting 20 x mins downloading !! lol

I will try and upload a couple more and see if I can whack them into a single folder…