Soundminer spotting

Not having much luck spotting from SM 4.3. Anyone else experiencing?


Meybe this can help:


working fine here.

can you give a detailed explanation of what’s happening?

I’ve been in touch with Steve Pecile at SoundMiner. (He’s a good guy.)

Spotting from SM to N6 is definitely broken. Makes no difference whether you’re in 64 or 32 bits. Makes no difference how your user account is set up.

In version 6, Steinberg dropped the API that let SM put effects on the timeline at the cursor. Steiny started using a totally different approach, which Steve says is better – but he still has to write and test software for it. Steve says there’ll be an update this summer. Knowing how software projects go, even at a well-run company, that could be any time from June until September…


  1. If you’ve got a lot of effects to spot, my solution is dropping back to N5.5x. The files are up- and down- compatible (at least for now), so you can spot in 5 and then edit/mix in 6. No problem keeping both systems in your Apps folder, and both icons on your dock. I changed the dock icon for 5.5 to make them easier to tell apart…

  2. If you’ve got only a few effects, stay with 6 and use the normal SM search. Instead of spotting to Nuendo by using the S key or the Nuendo button, use the ‘send to’ command. (I might be wrong about the name - I’m not in the studio - but it’s something like that.)
    Then switch manually to Nuendo. The desired effect will be highlighted in the pool. Use the “place in project at cursor” command (CTL-c on my system), and it’ll do the right thing.

It takes a couple of extra keystrokes, but you get used to it very quickly.