Sounds Missing From Library

Hello! I’m a new user of Dorico, and I’m in the process of setting it up. I noticed that after installing all of the sounds, the only one that shows up in the library is the Indian Drums package. What should I do to get the missing sounds in the right place and get the playback working?

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum Chiana.

Did you download and install the round 9GByte Dorico Sound Installer package.
You must not only download it but also run the installer program with it.
Are you on Mac or Win?

Thank you! I did indeed install the sound installer package. All four packages in the Dorico Pro 3.5 section of the download assistant have been stalled, the location folder is “Steinberg” in my downloads folder. I am also on Windows.

Could you please load one of the stock projects, e.g. DORICOverture.dorico and then choose from the main menu ‘Help >Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

Sure thing! Here it is:
Dorico (159.4 KB)

Hm, strange, Dorico resp. the audio engine does not detect any HALion sound content nor does it detect the HALion Sonic SE plug-in, so no wonder that no sound comes out.
And you are 100% sure that you not only downloaded the packages but also ran the installer on each of them.?
If you look at C:/Program Data/Steinberg/VST Sound, how many files are there?
Likewise for C:/Program Data/Steinberg/HALion/VST Sound.

Hm, that might be it. I’m going to make sure to run those and then test to see if the issue is completely resolved.

Miraculously, that worked! The playback works just fine too. Thank you!

:slight_smile: You are welcome