Special offer on Arturia products...

Another user on this forum mentioned that they got an email about special pricing on a bundle of synth plugins from Arturia. I didn’t get this email, but would be very interested in making this purchase.

Does anybody know how I can get it?

I emailed Arturia and they said to check with Steiny. I emailed Steiny and haven’t gotten a response.
Any place else to try?


Aloha r,

Sounds great!
Got a link to that post? Mahalo.


Found it!


You can have my coupon code if you want, I’m not using it.
The email links to this page: http://www.arturia.com/cubase-meets-vintage/index.html

PM me if you want the code, unless this is somehow against the rules. It doesn’t say anywhere that the code is personal though so I think it’ll work.

I just bought Cubase Elements in order to buy the Arturia V Collection for the discounted price, but since I just registered with Steinberg I haven’t gotten any email yet, maybe it’s because the weekend? Anyway, I’m afraid they might not send it out until the offer ends on Monday (24/3).

Could you please send me that coupon code that you got, so I can buy the Arturia V Collection now in the weekend? If you can’t PM it, just send it on email to pc@frankplads.com - thanks!

P.S. I’m writing here because there is no option to PM you from your profile.

just pm’d you…


Thanks a lot! Bought it now and all is well. :slight_smile:

Nice one!!
Glad to help!

Nice one Matjones.
I gave my code to the OP and I’m not sure it can be used again?

You couldn’t PM me because you’re a new user, you need to have 5 or 10 posts before you are allowed to PM. That’s some security measure against spambots I presume.