Special thanks to Martin.Jirsak >15000 helpful posts

Hi Cubase community

This is just a special shout out to Martin.Jirsak on reaching a 15000+ post milestone.

I don’t know Martin myself but I see many helpful replies from him. I was watching for this milestone so we could all give a hearty thank you to Martin.Jirsak for all their help on the forum.

Well done Martin.

+1 very helpful indeed. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Well done :slight_smile:

+1 Learned alot from Martin’s posts.

Yep…always very helpful…

I just wanted to voice my appreciation for Martin’s advice, he always manages to cut through the confusion and get to solutions, which is fantastic for computer luddites like me!

Thank you very much Martin!!

Well done Martin! :smiley: An awesome milestone! :smiley:

I don’t know Martin personally,but since I joined Cubase last year. I found that he is always ready to help,and gives very helpful advice :slight_smile:

Over the years,he has been the most helpful for me!

Congrats Martin!

+1 on all above. He also shows amazing patience especially with old farts like me who are a little slow to say the least. Congrats to you and Many Thanks.

Martin has been very helpful to me and to so many here. Top man!

So lucky to have him as part of the community. :smiley:

big xxx for martin too from me !

  • he knows what he is doing
  • he knows what he is saying
  • he has a lot of knowledge
  • he knows how to communicate it.

as is with steve btw, these guys keep things running and spend lots of time in servicing other people.
A company should reward this kind of things.

big hug and a great idea to post the topic too.

kind regards,

When you travel, there should always be one waiting for you… Salud!

Respect! And thanks!

That’s a great idea but remember he is Czech so I guess he would appreciate more foam :wink:
Na zdraví Martinovi!


Yes. We sometimes give him a little grief with our grievances but he really makes an effort and is gracious and very helpful. Thank you.

Congratulations Martin and keep up the good work!

Kind regards from London, England

James Colah

Thank you Martin. I think there are many forum members that are happy to know there are people like yourself that give us members the help to create our musical efforts . well done.




Always excellent and helpful, I’ve learnt a lot from Martin and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so. Nice one and thanks Martin.

+1, top shelf help