SpectraLayers 10.0.30 with Cubase 13 Pro

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I just saw that Cubase 13 came out and it comes with SpectraLayers 10.0.30, is it One or Elements?


The release that comes with Cubase is always One, Elements or Pro need to be purchased separately.


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Hello! Anybody else notice Cubase 13 spectralayers 10 UNMIX tab only shows VOCALS. I couldn’t unmix drums as there’s only one option available which is VOCALS…
Please I need help

@dWizard That’s because you didn’t activate your SpectraLayers Pro 10 license in the Steinberg Activation Manager. Hence you only have SpectraLayers One launching.

Thank you for your response, does this mean I have to buy to be able to use since I can’t find where to activate it.??? I suppose it came with Cubase Pro 13 or do I have to buy it separately ???

Only SpectraLayers One comes free with Cubase 13. SpectraLayers Pro is a separate license to buy.

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We all know what @dWizard is talking about.
I did a little investigating and here’s what I found.

During big licence upgrade from 11 to 12, all of Cuabse 12 Pro users received access (licence?) to the full version of SpectraLayers Pro 8.0.20. with ability to unmix stems (drums, vocals, bass and other ) not only vocals (imho most important feature in SL)

Everyone was sitting silent&thinking: is this a present or a bug?
I did not find any official Steinberg statement, about this issue, and now I understand why:
If they gave a free Pro licence to SL 8 during Cubase 11->12 upgrade, it should be extendable and still free or upgradeable on an upgrade purchase basis.
In this situation it is better to remain silent.
Steinberg could also have said at the time: dear Cubase 11 Pro users, after the upgrade to Cubase 12 Pro we have a gift for you - a free licence to SL 8 Pro.
But they didn’t.

If I were Steinberg, I would allow users who have the SL 8 Pro version to upgrade to 10 Pro on an upgrade basis.
But since Steinberg has never confirmed this upgrade officially, I don’t know if I have a legit version of SL 8 Pro that I can upgrade via the Steinberg shop.
Or was it simply a mistake when changing the licensing method.

It is curious that Spectralayers 8 is not even listed as “My products” your products anymore.
Check this on your Download Assistant (if you upgraded version by version)
In Cubase 11 Pro Update Tab (you find Spectralayers 7.0.20)
In Cubase 12 Pro you find Spectralayers 9.0.20

So where is missing Spectralayers 8.0.20?
Only way to get installer is to find Spectralayers 8 Pro in Spectralayers section in Download Assistant.

So where is my Spectralayers Pro 8.0.20 licence?
The Spectralayers Pro 8.0.20 licence in on your usb dongle with “Cubase Pro 11 (Upgraded to Cubase wiith Steinberg Licensing)”
It is easy to check that usb-dongle contain licence - as long as dongle is in usb, Spectralayers Pro 8.0.20 opens as pro, but when you unplug dongle it opens as Spectralayers 8.0.2 One.
It seems Spectalayers is always Pro, but during startup is determining if the licence is valid or no.

There is no way to have both Spectralayers (8 and 10) installed and working at the same time as ARA extension, because Spectralayers is located in
“c:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\SpectraLayers.vst3”
And the newest version is overwriting previous one.

So, to have Spectralayers Pro 8.0.20 working in Cubase 13 Pro:

  1. Uninstall Spectralayers 10 (one)
  2. Reinstall Spectralayers 8 (pro)
  3. Make sure you have e-licencer software and usb-dongle on this machine.

Here are some sources to read about this issue:
This is reddit thread about this issue.

and here:

and here:

and here:

@radwoc Maybe there was a bug with the e-Licenser at some point that allowed you to get a Pro license by mistake, but it was not something official or intentional.
Except for the first reddit link you mention, none of the 3 other links you posted mention a free Pro version if you read carefully.

PS: I just tried disabling all my SpectraLayers licenses, and made sure eLicenser was installed with an USB dongle plugged into the computer, but SpectraLayers One 8 is launched, not SpectraLayers Pro 8.

Your theory is incorrect.

You could use SpectraLayers Pro 8 because you had an unexpired 25-hour All Applications licence available on your USB eLicenser. SpectraLayers Pro was never intentionally part of Cubase or Nuendo - this All Applications licence was intended to be a time-limited emergency licence for activation issues.

You will only get SpectraLayers One 9 or 10 with a Cubase/Nuendo licence, as these versions of SpectraLayers use Steinberg Licensing so do not recognise the All Applications licence. If you want to use SpectraLayers Pro 9 or 10 then you need the appropriate trial or full licence.

If you want SpectraLayers Pro, buy a licence - you will not get one for free by complaining “SpectraLayers Pro 8 used to work without additional payment”. Moreover, you cannot update from the All Applications licence to SpectraLayers Pro using an update licence - you need to buy a full licence for SpectraLayers.

I would keep watching to see whether SpectraLayers 10 is in the sale that Steinberg usually holds in November/December.

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Yes, you are right.
I was mistaken.

I have now found the time limit information on my USB key.
I have indeed not exceeded it, despite using SL occasionally for a year.

The only feature I need with SL Pro is unmix stems.
I’m not sure that even after the reduction the price will be attractive enough for this one function. But I will keep an eye out for special deals.

Thanks again for the correction and clarification.

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Correct me if I’m wrong: up to One version 9 it was possible to unmix drums, bass, piano, vocals. With One 10 only the vocal track (although they have improved this algorithm a lot).
So, we lose something, right? It was not a “Pro vs One” thing.

No, SpectraLayers One 9 and SpectraLayers Elements 9 could only unmix vocals:

I’m pretty sure that I used Spectralayers One with Cubase 12 to unmix the main group instruments… Maybe version 8? I 'm asking you to know the correct version to downgrade.
Thank you.

Same with version 8 and 7:

I think I remember a bug at some point that briefly allowed more intruments than vocals under certains circumstances, but I don’t remember the exact version… Anyway it was not intended :slight_smile:

I see. That’s weird, I used this function all the time before upgrade to Cubase 13. I’ll evaluate the buy to the Pro version although I have to admit my disappoint.

You are probably describing the scenario I mentioned above - you have the balance of a 25 hour All Applications licence on a USB eLicenser, which allows SpectraLayers 8 to run as SpectraLayers Pro, not SpectraLayers One. This does not work with later versions of SpectraLayers, which use Steinberg Licensing.

SpectraLayers 10 is a huge leap forward, in my experience. Hopefully, SpectraLayers Pro will be included in the upcoming Cyber Weeks sale.

There was never any free SpectraLayers Pro with Cubase Pro. It was always One, and with only a Cubase Pro license on eLicenser and no SpectraLayers Pro License, it would automatically launch as SpectraLayers One.

I have never seen this phenomenon of free SpectraLayers Pro license with Cubase Pro 10.5, 11 or 12.

Beyond that, with Cubase Pro, you never had to wait for the latest version to upgrade SpectraLayers One. You could always just install the latest version available and it would use the Cubase Pro license and launch the SpectraLayers One SKU of that version of SpectraLayers.

Additionally, for those who may have a Samplitude Pro X or Music Studio license (I think the latter is upgradable to Pro X Suite), MAGIX sometimes has really good upgrade sales that allow you to snap SpectraLayers Pro for far less than what Steinberg is selling for at that time ($99-149). Watch the sales there, it’s an additional means for acquiring a cheaper license.

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With usb-dongle you SL 8 Pro will run as long as your “remaining time”.


You can work with SL 8.0.2 Pro in Cubase 13 Pro:
Uninstall Spectralayers 10 (one)
Install Spectralayers 8 (pro)
Make sure you have e-licencer software and usb-dongle on this machine.

As you can see I have 2:33 h left :-/

This is what @David_W clarified above.