Spectralayers 7?

Hi I was hoping to get some info about the apparently “coming soon” Spectralayers 7. This is from an email from magix with an offer to upgrade my Samplitude Pro X4 suite to Pro X5.

“Coming soon: Upgrade to Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 7. The forthcoming upgrade is available to all customers that purchase a copy of Samplitude Pro X5 Suite as a free download.

So I’m hoping you guys can tell me what the upgrade from Spectralayers 6 to 7 will cost, so that I can decide to take up the Samplitude offer or not. The offer is valuable until the 3rd of May, so I’d appreciate a timely reply.

Cheers Al.

I would be most incredibly surprised if Steinberg would release such information prior to the release day of SL7. Over the last 10 years, I’ve never seen pricing revealed before the day of release of a new version by any A/V software company whose software I use. If you get a definite reply from Steinberg re pricing, you can thank your lucky stars.

I full well know the unease in deciding whether or not to buy a bundle like the one you are considering - it’s really a bit of a gamble. On the 2 occasions that I’ve bought a bundle under a similar offer, it worked out well price-wise once, but not so well the other time. The main thing to consider here is do you really want/need Samplitude? If yes, then the current offer is more likely to be a good deal.

my guess is it will be similar to current upgrade cost. $150 USD

Somewhere someone mentioned that SL7 will be released in July.
I do not know if this is so.

When is the Steinberg Summer Sale?

edit: deleted possible price errors.

When/what was the $100 SoundForge and Spectral Layers deal? I signed up for Humblebundle to see if they may drop a bundle with SF13.

SoundForge 13 and Spectral Layers 6 for $100 plus two more items.

The sale is over.
This was not on Humble Bundle.
If it ever gets too BB hopefully someone will announce it.
Part of the reason I passed up the $100 deal was I was hopping that BB would promote it.

The current price for SpectraLayers Pro 6 is $300.
From what I have gathered is that the update for SL v6 to V7 will be anywhere for $75 to $150.

So there is till hope that the upcoming Steinberg summer sale may have SpectraLayers Pro 6 on sale.
Or an intro pricing.
Or Magix.

you can still get that deal sort of. it add up to $114 on their site with coupon.

So I suspect you are hoping for the $75-$85 update to SL7?
Good deal actually if you want Sound Forge 13 and the other two plugins.

I think you are really like me waiting for SL7. Yep!

Right this minute I am thinking to wait for a better deal.

Edit: deleted possible price error

I was interested in SL7 but am thinking it may not be the right tool for me.

I believe the uncertainty with Magix pricing strategy is there is no assurance you will get SL7 with a purchase of an older version of Sound forge. They only state the inclusion of SL7 upgrade with a purchase of latest version of SoundForge Pro at full price. Either way, you are still playing > $100 USD for SoundForge, a piece of software you don’t really want. It’s possible Steinberg may make a bundle like Absolute or something with the sound tools and place it on sale at some point, so you would be paying for a bundle of software you actually do want.

Did you play with SL 6 at all?
What is it that turned you off?

For me it will be for ambient and excremental so I am pretty sure it will be a good fit.

From what I can tell currently both Soundforge 13 and 14 offer the Spectralayers 6 and 7.

Edit: Apparently “excremental” was not a good fit. Meant to say experimental. Thanks dexcon.

@Vas314 … You might want to edit your post to revise the word after, “… for ambient and …” as the word you have used has a meaning relating to a human bodily function mostly performed in a toilet. To be sure, do a dictionary search for the meaning of the word.

Perhaps you mean “experimental”.

I havne’t really tried it but just looked at feedback from users on forums. The gist seems to be its not as stable as expected. Not sure really.

RE: the deal. yeah, i can’t tell if th 13x deal includes the upgrade. they dont state it on web site.

is anyone able to confirm. if you get an activation code from Steinberg for SL 6, can you sit on it and wait for SL 7 to get released and then activate it and get 7?


SpectraLayers 7 is in the making and will be released this summer! It will probably be the biggest feature update
in the history of this product, containing various great new additions for Sound Design, Restoration, Editing etc.
More to come soon!


Exciting news

Wow! Now I’m even more excited about getting SL7
But still remains what is the best or cheapest way to SL7?
TimoWildenhain, can you give us a hint of an SL7 intro price? Pleeeez!
Very pleeeeeez!

Love Sound Deeeeesign!!!

will the system requirements be similar to Spectral Layers 6? any benefits to having a dedicated graphics card[1] in the system?

[1] https://developer.nvidia.com/opengl-driver


Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.x or Windows 10 (64-bit)
Dual-core processor (quad-core processor recommended)
4 GB of free hard disk space (for temporary files)
OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics card
1280x720 display resolution
Windows-compatible audio hardware


macOS 10.12 (Sierra), macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
Dual-core processor (quad-core processor recommended)
4 GB of free hard disk space (for temporary files)
OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics card
1280x720 display resolution
CoreAudio-compatible audio hardware

Currently My Windows 10 PC has the MSI Geforce GTX 970 with the OpenGL 4.4.
Ok for now but the specs may change for SL7?

that seems enough. 4.4.

SpectraLayers 6 now sells for $300 on the Steinberg site.

Likely SL7 will sell for the same price.
The 2020 intro or sale price of SL7 will be $150 to $250. But likely $200.
Update for SL6 to SL7 from $75 to $125 but more likely $100.

The annual Steinberg summer sale will be upon us soon?

I can now get Samplitude Pro X5 Suite which includes SL6 and 7 for $250 till 6-28-20.
There is a tiny chance it may go for $200 in the next two months.

There is a small chance that Humble Bundle may have SL6 for around $25?
Update for SL6 to SL7 from $75 to $125 but more likely $100.
That would be great if the $25 deal happened!

Do I get the Samplitude Pro X5 Suite which includes SL6 and SL7 for $250 now or do I wait?
Are there alternative options?

the upgrade from SL 5 is $150. my guess is the upgrade from SL6 to 7 will be at least the same.