Spectralayers Pro 11 - Laggy Editing?

I’m new to SL with version 11 so I don’t know whether this is normal, but is anyone finding the cursor to be very laggy when the selection and editing tools are selected? Cleaning up sound can be almost a Zen thing when you’re in the zone, but the lag here is really annoying and makes it hard to work effectively.


What are the specs of the computer you’re using?

2019 Mac Pro 16 core, 384GB RAM, 32GB Radeon Pro Vega II, Sonoma 14.5

+1 on this. Editing with erase tool, for example, is incredibly frustrating. Cursor lags mouse by a second or more. OK at start of session but the longer the session (and more editing) the worse the lag becomes. Have tried rebooting and found lag improves somewhat, but only for while then returns. Processor and graphics specs indicate only low demand on the system at the time. Are there any system/graphics tweaks that will improve this?

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If you look at task manager while doing this, does it show up spiking on either cpu or GPU? I can test this later today(just finished nightshift). My earlier tests haven’t seen this, though I haven’t done editing much… If you have a test project, it would be better, just PM. But I have only 2 windows machines, 7900x/RTX3050 and 4500U.

So far I have only worked with the new Transfer tool in SL11 and yes, it is quite laggy and sluggish.

Not so much early on in a session but, like Filthee describes, there is a build up during sessions and the lagginess becomes more and more disturbing over time, already after 5-10 minutes.

Mac Studio Max M1 64 GB, Sonoma 14.5.

Considering the symptoms you describe, it seems to be related to the transfer tool cache leak issue (which is now fixed with the upcoming patch).


WIN10 Pro, AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 1660 Super 6GB here. Haven’t seen any spiking during cursor lag.

In my case, I can start Spectralayers up and create a new empty project and the lag is there straight away, just as in the video. The lag occurs with the selection brush, magic wand, fade/sharpen and all of the editing tools. The size of brush makes no difference to the amount of lag.

The size of the WINDOW does make a difference though. If I reduce the window to a quarter size, the lag gets much less. At full screen, the lag makes it pretty much unusable.

I am not seeing the same lag on my PC, so this seems to be an issue with my (2019) Mac Pro and maybe the 6k Apple XDR display. It feels like the cursor is not using video hardware acceleration correctly.

Same here. Super laggy when using editing tools. Only tried in ARA in Cubase 13 Pro. Works really well though, I really like the new enhancements, but takes forever due to the lag. ~J.

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This will likely be improved with the patch next week!


I’m not seeing any improvement to the cursor lag in 11.0.10. My Mac Pro is still very laggy and my PC is somewhat laggy when using the editing or selection tools.

The Unmix Song hanging issue is fixed however and the speed improvement on the PC is huge, although curiously it only uses 7% CPU and 20% GPU even when set to Extreme. Here are some comparative benchmarks using a 13m:41s 96KHz stereo file.

Mac Pro (16 core, 384GB RAM, 32GB Radeon Pro Vega II)
Fast - 3:48, High - 6:25, Extreme - 25:31

PC (13900KF, 64GB RAM, 24GB RTX 4090)
Fast - 0:38, High - 0:51, Extreme - 3:05

The new 11.0.10 patch fixed the lagginess here, thanks!
The Transfer Tool works like a charm now, no more graphic stuttering. And the other tools work fine, like in SL10.

The overall stability seems better now (except for the crashing when trying to play with a Time selection active).

The horrendous cache build up is fixed as well (but the cache folder doesn’t empty after shutting down SL11, so there are lots of remnants left even if they are not hundreds of MB in size anymore).

Are you on Mac or PC - standalone or ARA?

I’m seeing this still…

Thanks, it’s always very valuable when user provides video captures of their issue. Very strange, what is your exact computer configuration ?
OS version, CPU model, RAM size, GPU model, HDD or SSD ?

2019 Mac Pro 16 core, 384GB RAM, 32GB Radeon Pro Vega II, 8TB Apple SSD, running Spectralayers 11.0.10 standalone on the latest OS - Sonoma 14.5

The lag is worst with the Erase and Amplifier tools and slightly less with the Transfer and Clone Stamp tools. I hope this can be improved as it’s really hard to work with it at the moment.


I myself am using SL Pro 11 on an old xindows 10 i5 pc with only 8 gb ram, a couple of ssd’s and no graphics card. It 's al hobby and and free time stuff for me. And it does work for me, although in slow motion with the unmix stuff.
But I noticed a severe laggy cursor in the spectral view window while editing, once I connected my wacom intuos tablet via usb. Using a cabled standard usb mouse there is no lag. Wacom and all other related drivers are the most recent.
So maybe there is a usb device in your setup that upsets things. Just something to consider.
But I have no experience with apple mac, so there 's that…

Confirming that the 11.0.10 patch made no difference to my cursor lag in ARA Cubase 11 Pro on a Win 11 system.

Noting that the CPU and Graphics resources < 10% during the lag, so no blame there.

The lag using the erase tool can be so bad its pretty much unworkable (ie multiple seconds catching up with mouse). Bloody frustrating.