SpectraLayers Pro 7 LC - What does LC mean?

I received a SpectraLayers Pro license from Magix and when I registered it today to my Steinberg account it shows in my account as SpectraLayers Pro 7 LC.
Are there any limitations or restrictions implied by the LC suffix in terms of future upgrades or if I want to sell it at some point?

Yes, wondering similarly.
Also, is the Magix-received license usable in all DAWs, i.e. Cubase and others?

I don’t know about the license itself, but technically speaking there’s only one version of SL Pro and SL Elements, regardless of the kind of license used to activate it.

Could you then please forward this question to the marketing team or whoever is responsible for “LC” license suffix? Vegas has a deal right now which includes SL Pro 7 in Vegas Pro package, and the deal expires in two days, so it would be really helpful to know all the limitations of the respective licenses.

+1 on this Please

Was this ever answered?

EDIT: answered here: What is Spectralayers Pro LC? - SpectraLayers - Steinberg Forums

LC means: license code. For technical reasons, we had to label it that way for an OEM product.
It is a standard license.