SpectraLayersPro and DaVinci Resolve integration

Are there any plans for SpectraLayersPro to support DaVinci Resolve’s external editor?
I would like to edit DaVinci Resolve audio seamlessly in SpectraLayers Pro.

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Just go to DaVinci Resolve’s Preferences > Audio Plugins > Setup External Editor > Add, and make the path point to SpectraLayers, restart DaVinci, and that’s it !
Then you can right click any audio clip > External Audio Process > SpectraLayers.

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Thanks Robin.
I was actually able to execute it.
However, the edits I made in SpectraLayers Pro 10 are not updating to the audio files in the DaVinci Resolve project!
I did run the Project Tabs update.
Is there any possible cause for this?

In SpectraLayers did you click File > Update (last action at the bottom) ? This will update the source file, and DaVinci should notice.

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I did that operation, but the file was still not updated
I’ll try to verify a little more.

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Thank you! This also worked for me in Reaper.

DaVinci Resolve isn’t noticing the changes when clicking File > Update from SpectraLayers

What about if you close SpectraLayers and save the .wav file when asked ?

Unfortunately, the same outcome, DaVinci Resolve still doesn’t register the changes.

For context, using a Windows 11 23H2 workstation with the current latest version of DaVinci Resolve (18.6.6) and SpectraLayers (10.0.50) respectively.

The screenshot below is the prompt to update the file when closing SpectraLayers from the External Audio Process. I’ve intentionally cut the middle portion of the compound clip in SpectraLayers to make a visible spectral change.

When clicking yes however, there is no audible or visual change to the time domain waveform.

Hm… Does this work in DaVinci with any another external editor than SpectraLayers ?

I’ve tested the same process using RX7 Elements where I significantly reduce the gain in the middle portion of the compound clip.

When selecting Overwrite Original File, the time domain waveform of the compound clip does change audibly and visually.

I’m in the same situation.

Hmm, also using SpectraLayer 10 Pro and DaVinci Resolve 18.6.6 (not the Studio version) with Win 11 Pro 23H2, I can confirm this.
Furthermore, neither external edits done in WaveLab 12.0.10 or in Adobe Audition 2024 will reimport/update back into Resolve.
The exchange files from Resolve do get saved correctly by all external applications (as I can tell by opening the edited exchange files again in WaveLab), but it seems like Resolve doesn’t recognize the modification. Also there is no indicator in the History Window in Resolve.
So maybe Resolve needs another input than just a file modification. But that seems like a inconvenient Resolve issue to me.