Split lyric in 4th time bar

In this example, the word ‘d’ogoniant’ is split by the necessity of having to appear in two separate places (bars 38 and 43-44). How do I create the necessary hyphens manually? I’ve tried using Shift+Alt+space, but that doesn’t produce anything. If I change the lyrics from 43 to the end to be in line 4, that doesn’t help either.

I do not see the (complete) word d’ogoniant in your example. Perhaps you need to show a more complete illustration.

Hi - it’s the last syllable in the fourth line of bar 38 (d’o) and continues in bars 43 and 44 (goniant).

SO you have transposed the second part(s) of the word from Lyric 4 to lyric 1. You may have to find a “substitute” for the standard hyphen for this.

(I think this was already discussed recently in another thread.)

Many thanks, Derrek. I had done a search, but evidently didn’t use the right search terms. I’m obliged to you.