Splitting long note into tie


I was hoping there may be a way to split a long note into a tied chain without setting a rhythmic override for the passage?

The reason I wish to do this is because I am doing a piece where I frequently have < f > for long sustained notes like dotted half or whole notes, and I want the long note to be split at the dynamic to clarify to the performers the exact location of the dynamic arrival.

This is typical practice (breaking what would otherwise be a long sustained note value to a tie) for when you want to clarify that a dynamic should arrive at a certain spot.

If it is not possible, it would be great if this feature could be added as a setting (ex. split long note value into ties at dynamic). Otherwise I have to do overrides and then if I move things around (ex. if I want to add a beat here and there or change the time sig) the rhythms are then wrong.

There isn’t a way to do this at the moment, but I agree it would be useful. The dependency exists in the other direction, i.e. if you have a sustained note split at particular rhythmic positions, when you create a messa di voce dynamic it will follow the rhythmic division of the note, but the notator doesn’t consider dynamics when considering how to split a long note. I think it would be a good feature, though, and I’ll talk to the team about how we might address this in future.

Unless I’m misunderstanding, you can split any note with the “scissors” (U) in Note Entry mode. Put the caret at the beat position of the split. You’ll then need to add the tie to the first note (T).

but, IIRC adding ties again will heal the splits …

If you hit Force Duration (O) before adding the tie, the notes will not rejoin.

That’s what I thought too, just tried it, and it didn’t work… will try again :slight_smile:

Hope it will work for you. It worked for me when I

    • Split the note (U)
    • Chose Force Duration (O)
    • Clicked on the first note
    • Applied the tie (T)

Yep, tried it on a new file and I can get it to work within the bar, but as soon as I try to tie into that same bar from the preceeding one, it gets rewritten, even with Force Duration active…

You’ve moved the goal posts. If you tie from left to right (with Force Duration) the notes do not recombine.

Unfortunately, in many cases they do recombine, but not always … is it at all possible to tie right to left…?

Not as far as I know.

Thanks, Daniel!