Splitting notes

I sought a way to split notes, e.g. a quarter in 2 eighths, a eighth note in 2 sixteenth notes.
I didn’t find it in the forum and with Google.
(I wanted the violins to play a melody with eighth notes in repeating sixteenth notes. Of course there is a work-around: changing eighth notes in sixteenth notes, then walking through all the notes with ctrl + >, ctrl+c and ctrl + v to set the repeating notes in the rests, but with long melodies this is a little time assuming.)
Did I miss something?

Put the caret where you want to split the note then hit U.

Thanks. But that is just one note. But now I have 20 notes that I will split. Is it possible to do that in one stroke?

For string players (who will have seen the notation before) the quickest way is just select the 8th notes and press shift-R then 1 to mark them with tremolo slashes.

If you don’t want to do that:

  • Select the 8th notes
  • Hit 4 to change them to 16th notes and 16 rests
  • Ctrl-C
  • Press Q for chord mode
  • Select the first 16th-rest and Ctrl-V

Thanks. Both methodes work for me!