Splitting signal in Cubase


I think there are someone who have used native Patcher plugin in Fl Studio or Blue Cat’s PatchWork plugin. Also there is signal splittter in Studio One as a native feature (not third party plugin). In short it’s opportunity to divide an audio source into 2,3,4,5… and more separate independent signals just in an insert

Is there any chance to have this feature in Cubase as a native function? Or may be there are some cool convenient plugins I don’t know about? It’s too project-place-wasting or ‘pile-up’ for me sending a channel to a bus and then to another bus in order to split my signal at least to 2 of them!

Thanks in advance!


Do you mean the Stereo to 2 Mono Channels split, as I described here?

Or do you mean the Multi-Channel to Mono function from the Project > Convert Tracks… menu?

Thank you for the reply! Actually I just want to have an original source divided into 2 or more same sources (not stereo to mono). To be more clear, I just want to process 2,3 or more copyes of a signal in different ways and mix it in desirable proportion. It’s cool to do that in one insert for me

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Splitting the signal is very useful.
A second way to work is to duplicate the track. Not the same, but it works.



If by “process” you mean to apply different Insert effects, you can route the source to multiple FX or Group Channels via Send slots. If you mean Direct Offline Processing or cuts, fades… duplicate the source track, please.

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This would make working with guitars so much more efficient.


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Thank you guys!