Staff lines and their print quality


As a long year user of Sibelius I try to change to Dorico (Pro Version 3.5 I bought).
But I am not content with the print quality of Dorico.
The quality of printing staff lines is far away from the quality in Sibelius:
Sibelius prints crisp and very clear stafflines, but in Dorico these lines
art a little bit “washy”, not so clear, some thin, some a bit thicker, but with every printing
that are other lines - I tried all possibilities in Dorico to change these lines, but no success…
What could I have done wrong, or is there another way to get to good printings?
Is there a chance, that the printer driver in Dorico will be updated…?
Also printing from the PDF-file of Dorico shows no better facts…
Its very boring, because the other features of Dorico are very awsome…


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I think this is a problem specific to your print setup, rather than a property of Dorico itself.

How are you creating the PDFs - exporting as Graphics using Dorico’s print mode, or some other method?
What OS are you using, and what printer?
Can you provide a PDF that shows the problem? Or a screenshot?

Yes, this has to be an incorrect export. It sounds like you’re exporting as an image file.

Thanks for the quick responses!

Dankreider: It is no incorrect export. I printed directly from Dorico with these bad staff lines…
I didn’t export as picture.

And an export as PDF-File from Dorico I printed in Adobe Reader, nearly the same result.
Only a little bit better, but also the staff lines not so clear as a print in Sibelius.


My System: Mac Catalina 10.15.7
My Printers: Canon MG 6250 (Din A4) und Brother MFC J 6965 DW (A3 doubleside)
PDF Export direct from Dorico in the Printer Menu.

And my printings (same day) from Sibelius are correct on both printers,
the score on the monitor looks very good, only the printed result is not clear enough - compared with
Sibelius…. I put a part of a printed score down here, the middle line of the system above is thicker than the others,
and in the last system the last line is thicker, and all lines are a bit unclear……

Thanks for an other idea……


Can you share here a sample project? That’s really odd… I’ve never heard of that before.

That’s not the usual quality I would expect, or what I get. It has to be some wrong default in your printer driver.
Do you see the same bad quality in a PDF, or only when you print it? If the PDF is good, then it’s definitely your printer.

Something is definitely going wrong here… I always get perfectly crips prints, as is evidenced by something I just printed a few minutes ago:

Edit: the preview for this image displays fairly low-resolution; I assure you it is absolutely crips in real life and has none of the fuzziness of your example.


I put a sample project here at the end.

The optical „output“ on the monitor is very good, in Dorico as in Adobe PDF-Reader.
Only the printed versions have that fuzzy look….
But printed a score from Sibelius looks at the same time with the same printers
very good, therefore I can’t think, that the printer driver should be corrupt……


Zu Bethlehem geboren.dorico (951 KB)

Hello Romanos!

I would be glad, if my Dorico-Prints would look like yours……
That is, what I want to have……
I think, your prints are very good, as good as the program Dorico itself…

My hope stays, that we find the problem and can solve it :slight_smile:


Engraving Options > Staves > Staff Line Thickness is set to 0. This isn’t a good idea, for obvious reasons…


Well, this is interesting. I printed your score and it comes out just as crisp as my own, so something odd appears to be happening on your own machine, as there’s nothing corrupt about the file itself to cause any issues.

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It comes out fine, here, too, but it’s up to the print driver as to how to deal with 0-thickness lines.
I’d expect the PDF to struggle.


Hello Pianoleo!

I had the staff line also on the default values, the result was a little more bad……


Thanks for your help so far!

I will try to update my printer drivers, may be, they work well with Sibelius, but not
with the new version of Dorico.

I’ll write back, what happens, after I updated…



Please confirm that you’re using the correct Print button…

Pianoleo: :slight_smile: , yes, I did, I tries also the left one, no significant result.
This evening I will try to update my printers….

Thanks a lot to all, and stay save and have all a nice New Year!


I definitely get a better result with the right panel Print button than the left panel, with your file. I also noticed that when I initially switched to Print mode, your score wanted to print on a weird paper size (that didn’t match A4, set in Layout Options). Worth double-checking that those settings in the right panel are correct before you hit Print.

I wondered about this too. Mine defaulted to 3x5, but I presumed Dorico simply selected the first paper size my printer accepted since whatever was set on @hgpa’s end was a size I didn’t have installed on my printer.

If the PDF looks good, but prints bad, then it’s definitely something to do with your printer.

I’d check the default settings for resolution, color management (if any), and any other settings which the printer might be using when you print from Dorico. Perhaps you have print presets for Sibelius?

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Hello you all!


I cleaned my printer - the last Sibelius-Printings, which were good, were some days ago, and now the printer is clean and also the
printings from Dorico are good.

Thank you for your advices!


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