Staff Spacing is a mess after closing and re-opening Dorico


So I had a page with heavy edits in the Staff Spacing department, and I had it ready for print. It was immaculately spaced.
Then I closed the program and re-opened it, and everything (all of the pages) are a mess. See image:

Note that I was making extensive use of the new divisi feature in case that might be relevant.

What happened? What do I do to fix this?

In Engrave mode goto ‘Staff Spacing’ and select Reset Layout. It may help. Good luck.

but why does everything get messed up when I close and re-open?

Michael, being a literal (and curious) person, I have to ask: You didn’t mention saving the project before closing. Did you? (I can’t see your image at the moment due to my isp).

If you could attach the project, Michael, then it might be possible to diagnose the problem. Do Save As and try cutting it down to a minimal example that still reproduces the problem, e.g. a couple of pages, if you are uneasy about posting the whole thing here.

I wonder if it’s what happened to Kenny Choy in this thread:

I fixed it for him, but I really was wondering what series of events got him there. I’ve been testing to see if staff spacing get saved properly when using divisi, and so far they all do, so I I wonder if there is a specific situation required for this issue to arise.

Here’s my file:

Dorico 2 seems to open and reopen your project on my MacBook Pro correctly.

Given it opens ok on mipi’s machine: Michael, is there any chance you’ve inadvertently reopened your file in Dorico 1, not Dorico 2?

No. I’ve uninstalled Dorico 1.
Maybe my cat was walking on the keyboard when I wasn’t looking (I don’t own a cat… )

If this happens again, I’ll post again. But if no one is able to re-create it… I’ll assume I just did something wrong…

Dear Michael,
I just downloaded your file… and it looks gorgeous here :wink:

I’ve been able to reproduce Michael’s problem. Attached is a short excerpt from Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra - on the second page I’ve adjusted a bunch of staff spacing to reproduce the score I’m working from (squeezing two systems onto one page). (415 KB)
I fiddled around with Layout & Engrave Options a lot, but I’ve still had to put in manual system breaks and staff spacing occasionally.

Anyway, you should see on the second page that the horn divisi is spaced too widely apart. Whenever I change it, after saving, closing and re-opening the file, the bottom horn divisi staff has its staff spacing cleared: it’s back to a blue handle, while all the other handles are red. Any ideas?

Thanks for reporting this, Stephen. We’ve now identified the problem: for divisi and extra staves above/below, staff spacing adjustments are being incorrectly applied to the main staff when the project is reloaded. It’s a little embarrassing that we missed this bug (though it does work OK for ossias) but we will definitely be able to fix this in the forthcoming update. Unfortunately for the time being there’s no workaround: any change you made will be incorrectly reapplied when you reopen the project. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

And Michael’s file deserves a check for any similar occurrence of what you’ve just found in Stephen’s…

Just so he knows for sure it wasn’t his imaginary cat.! :slightly_smiling_face: