Staff spacing messed up - by divisi?

Staff spacing messed up, by divisi?

The spacing of staffs Vn I and Vn II’s position have become thoroughly mangled on a specific page, see screenshot.

I have used divisi at certain points in preceding bars of Vn I, Vn II and Db, and it might be similar to issues reported in these topics:

I have tried all fixes I could find in these posts (and elsewhere) but to no avail, including Reset Position while in Write Mode and Staff Spacing -> Reset Layout, Reset Specific Frame and Reset Selected Systems when in Engrave Mode.

I have not done any layout modifications so far as I am still working on the piece, apart from hiding some rests in all strings except double bass.

Please let me know if there is anything else I could try, also if it would serve the team to have the file for further investigation.

Otherwise I will just await the announced bug fix in due time.


Yes, I’m afraid I think that is indeed a problem caused by the divisi staves, and it will certainly be fixed in the forthcoming update. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

OK, thanks!