Starlight, surreal showreel

Hello! This is one of my most recent projects, a surrealistic short (full version is 15min) about a frustrated god stuck in a cabin somewhere in an unknown limbo, as he powerlessly observe the world as a passive spectator.
In this promo, chosen and edited by director Titus Paar, the frustration has gotten the better of him, and he’s beginning to go nuts, acting out like an abused child.
Everything is made with Nuendo 4.3 and 5.5, containing only my own recordings and designed sounds. The film is mixed in full surround for the DVD/theatrical version. This is my second showreel, following an unofficial trailer for a game, and will be followed by samples of what I can do both as an sound designer, re-recorder and location sound recordist.

Enjoy! /CvanC

Cool :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting something up in the very quiet forum here!

Thanks mon! :smiley:
Terribly sorry I haven’t seen your reply until now, the autumn was…somewhat interesting.
Anyhoo, I’ve put the whole movie as well on Vimeo a little time ago :slight_smile:

Though I gladly shows it to anyone wanna see it, it’s not really representable for what I can do nowadays. As I was very sick while doing it, and the studio I was cursed with had some very major flaws that I finally realized was way beyond what was fixable, it has flaws in the frequency spectra and balancing. But I’m still very proud of it design-wise and feels this is something i can stand for!
Some sounds where fairly simple, like the “lights on”-sound, which is nothing more than a big Arri-trafo I recorded at my hotel-room, through an Altiverb. Some where way more complex, like the clock-ticking, which was a 20+ part composite of, among other things, a part from a saw-mill, a ratchet tie-down strap, wooden pegs, and some other appropriate things.