Starting Nuendo without audio drivers - all connections must be reconfigured

Sometimes I forget to turn on my audio interface before launching Nuendo. If I quit Nuendo and then turn the audio interface on and then start Nuendo again, the result is that I’ve lost all audio connections; when I open my latest project, the audio driver has changed and I have to configure the audio device and related connections with it all over again.

Is there anything I can do to avoid this annoying situation? Quite a heavy price for inadvertently starting devices in a wrong order.


Shouldn’t you be able to just quit without saving and then restarting after the interface has been turned on?


When I start Nuendo w/o drivers, it gives a warning. I cancel and quit, save nothing, no project loaded. Next time start Nuendo with drivers, load project: all audio connections gone (selected driver is reset).

I am on Nuendo 12.0.7

After a quick search, I wonder if something is being weird between possible older Nuendo folders and preferences like in this post?

Might be worth checking. Do you get the prompt of opening preferences upon restart of Nuendo?

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Hmm… I haven’t had that happen to me in ages. Probably because I think I always remember to start things in the right order.

How about if you create a template project, save all necessary connections in relevant areas (i.e. save presets in Outputs tab, Control Room tab, and so on), and then when this happens you load your template first, possibly reload saved presets, close, and then reopen the project you were actually working on…?


That might work, thanks for help.

On the other hand, we are only a couple of months away from N13, and I’ve been told that it will solve all our problems for good.

@arimus this is definitely a thing. happens to me all the time. my workaround is to save the inputs/outputs/control room connections as presets in the connections panel.


yes it is quite painful to lose the control room configuration of the output… there is not much solution apart from reloading the configurations which have been saved. I think it would be a plus if Nuendo reloads it by default with an alert asking for the audio interface to be turned on. the proposed solutions work. I decided to buy an ignition system with remote control. so when I cut and or turn on I do it in the right order and this now avoids the problems of no sound card

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yes on Mac it’s a real problem, on PC the compatibility is more permanent

I sympathize. I think that the proposed solution of destroying the preference file often works but this solution requires completely reconfiguring the inputs, outputs, the control room… but on the other hand deleting or renaming the folder often works

The situation is always a pain, especially with projects that have a large number of plug-in’s.