Static noise


When exporting audio from a project in Dorico, I am noticing there is some static noise in the audio. I’ve noticed this is also in the playback as well. After mixing and mastering in a DAW, I’ve noticed this sound is exponentially louder. I am curious, is this sound a by product of a MIDI keyboard, or something else? If it helps, I am exporting as .wav file at 24 bit. I think mostly the static noise is during loud passages. Thanks for the help.

You better say more about what audio components you are using, what VST’s, what instruments, what platform, and what Dorico version you are using. Help us help you.

Thanks for the reply. I’m on a MacBook Pro, chip- Apple M1 Pro, 32 GB of memory, Ventura 13.2.1. For the software instrument in Dorico, I am using a marimba instrument from Virtual Drumline. I’m on Dorico Pro 4, version 4.3.30. 1132.

Hard to say from a distance, but perhaps there is noise in the marimba samples? Try a new score with a totally different instrument to see.

So I see that is a Kontakt instrument. Kontakt has a large number of effects and sends and inserts all of which are highly tweakable. It would be possible to introduce noise in that area. Are you making adjustments in this area of Kontakt functionality? What version of Kontakt? What DAW are you using that makes the noise louder?

One thing we can say is that it is not your MIDI keyboard. That is essentially just an array of switches.

I am using Kontakt 7. I am not changing any settings in the Kontakt player in Dorico. I also have no inputs in and I am not changing EQ or anything in Dorico, I export everything dry. I am using Logic Pro.

Hmm. I suspect noise in the sample. You may have to EQ it out. Always tricky and bothersome.

Hi @mameza7 , is it possible that you post here an example Wave file? And similarly create one with a project created with a Solo Piano template. I doubt that the noise comes from Dorico’s audio engine.

thanks for the reply! Could I PM it to you?

Sure, please send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de

got it- when you say to make another one with a solo piano template, what do you mean exactly?

I mean a piano project which uses the HALion Sonic default piano sound

ok got it, does it need to be the same music as my marimba project or should I just write a couple of notes?

Just a couple of notes will do. But it would be good if you could use the same notes in that marimba project as well and export.

Got it, I just sent the email, thank you!

Thanks for the files.
I have to admit that my ears are pretty bad, but I don’t hear static noises in your wav files.
Except for the end the sound is very low and I have to pump up the volume of my audio interface to the max in order to hear it clearly.
Could it be that you also have to pump it up to the max and therefore hear the ground noise of your audio interface or amplifier?

Have you got the gain way up in your DAW? From what Ulf says it would appear to be not recorded hot enough.

Take a look at the Kontakt settings anwyay. The vendor will have set to their taste.

Also, I read that because a full size marimba is a very large instrument it is very hard to record up close excellently. You sample, only a fraction of the full set of Virtual Drummer may not have had the care lavished on it that a dedicated marimba VST may have.

I use this tool for studying signals.

It will let you look at the noise floor,. enable you to see aliasing of a signal, and much more.

Works in Dorico and DAWs.


I was also going to suggest pulling it into a daw to see what is registering on an EQ plugin. Then you’ll be able to definitively SEE what might be in the signal, even if its difficult to hear/describe.

Regardless, not much we can do without sample audio which exhibits the problem.

Also, is this noise present via headphones? speakers? what’s your audio interface? Any of these things could be the culprit.

Thanks for the feedback!Hm, I am not sure about the audio interface or the amplifier- I am not familiar with that type of knowledge. I could give you a finished mixed and mastered version of the .wav file I did and also show you a reference track using the same software instrument if that would help?