Stationary cursor always stationary: possible?

Hi, I can’t find a way to get this: let’s say I have Stationary cursor on, then, when I navigate the project using scollbars or whatever other method one can use to do that, the cursor stays where it was before, i.e. after a while it will be not visible anymore. So I Always have to click on the ruler, or whatever other method, to put the cursor back on the current view.

So: How can I get the stationary cursor to remain always stationary, i.e. on the middle of the project window, even when I use scrollbars or other scrolling window methods? Is that possible?

PS actually, I think that should/would be the default/more logical behavior. The other way (of course useful as well in some instances) should be the non-default behavior, selectable through preferences or whatever.

Many thanks to anyone willing to help!

That sounds like Suspend Autoscroll When Editing is activated. If you don’t have it checked, I figure it’s broken. Also, a quick way to re-orient the cursor is to hit F (for autoscroll- i.e., follow cursor)

Thanks Steve, but by your reply I get my question wasn’t clear enough. I have:

  • Stationary cursor: on
  • Suspend autoscroll when editing: off (or on, it doesn’t matter)

Let’s say I stop Play at bar 100: the cursor then stands still at bar 100, in the middle of the Project window.
Now, I grab the horizontal scrollbar and scroll to the right. Consequently, the project cursor scrolls to the left, until it gets out of the Project window.

What I’d like instead is: when I scroll the horizontal scrollbar to the right , then the Project cursor remains still in the middle of the Project window (actually scrolling to the next bars, given that the project bars, at the same time, move to the left).

I hope that’s clear enough now :sunglasses:

Ah, so you want the cursor to remain stationary when scrolling, not just in playback.

That would be done using transport commands, like nudge bar, forward, reverse, fast forward, fast rewind.

Thanks again, you are right, but these methods are useful just for quite little scrolling (i.e. they are SLOW!). What I need is something for moving FAST from the middle to the start to the end etc. of the project, without having to click on the ruler (or otherwise use another method) to place the cursor where i want it afterwards.

The speed is extremely configurable. Check out the Preferences Transport pane.

Yes, I know, but I’d like to have both at the same time: transport for slow and precise, scrollbars for less precise but faster :bulb:

Well, that’s what Cubase has, two speeds of forward and reverse, separately configurable. Have you looked at it?

Actually I didn’t know that, so thanks (again…).
But two problems:

  • You must use one hand in addition to the one operating the mouse, to reach the PC keyboard (Shift key)
  • I have just tried the faster Fast wind factor (50): I think it’s still way slower than using the “grab the scrollbar and scroll” method.

That’s it. There’s no way to use scrolling to do what you want. Only transport commands.

Well, got it, think I’ll put a feature request.



Use position markers

Press Shift + Nudge Cursor ( whatever key assigned )