Status on Windows 10 Drivers for UR Series

Yamaha states on their website that they are well aware of the sample rate issues with the current Feb. 2015 drivers and Windows 10, I am just curious if anyone knows if there is any clear timeline for release of new drivers to address this issue.

At the moment, we do not have any details on new driver releases but we are working on it!

Is there any way to get a notice when there is a new driver for Windows 10? I have the same sample rate problem and could be nice if it was possible to get a notice on mail or something like that, so i dont have to check the website for drivers all the time :smiley:

Vielen Dank!

Laquist, Steinberg has this knowledge base article

And you can keep refreshing this page, I would assume:

I dont think you got my point. I was asking if they have a “newsletter-thing” to give me the information WHEN the driver is out, so i DONT have to sit and refresh a page :slight_smile:
And the knowledgebade article dont really give me any new information about my problem. They just say that it’s a known problem.

There won’t be a newsletter for every Windows 10 update but it will be in the Steinberg Hub and on the support pages.

Im not asking for a notice for every update. But it would be nice with a notice for the first windows 10 driver, so my device would work as intended, and where i dont have check a site daily. But i guess i will just keep doing that.

Everyone is waiting for a different update I guess :wink:

According to development, an updated driver is scheduled for a release late August/early September. The knowledge base article on Windows 10 has been updated accordingly.

The way that MS have handled the update is kind of ridiculous. This morning, I clicked on the ‘schedule upgrade’ icon when it popped up after I started my PC. I just wanted to see what my options were, and I intended to save Win 10 Pro as an ISO image that I could burn to a disk and install when I wished.

Unfortunately, once you click that. You are given a 3 day window to install the upgrade and there is no way to cancel the process once it has been started…Literally no cancel button, and you cannot close the upgrade process from the task manager as it just keeps restarting.

If you restart or shut down your machine, it automatically begins the upgrade process too…So now I have Win 10, like it or not.

I also have a UR824. Very frustrating and extremely aggressive from MS. I hadn’t planned on upgrading to Win10 until near the end of the free upgrade 1 year period, but they have strong-armed me into it. Leaves a bad taste.

To think there is no newsletter or notification process worries me. Really how old or out of touch is Steinberg’s staff?
(That comment is not meant to be offensive, but an observation that Steinberg might be missing a trick or two when it comes to customer engagement?)

@SoapMak3r, that is a very strange incident, as I simply un-installed the KB3035583 after saving the ISO.

There is a newsletter, it comes out every month, you may have unsubscribed at some point and may need to subscribe again. I would be extremely surprised if it did not tell you when the driver is ready as they have done so for all the past driver releases so far. For instance, in the July version they advised you they were about to start testing for Win 10 using a late beta, and the August version when they said don’t upgrade yet as they had found issues…

Well… we have: newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, the Steinberg Hub and the forum. If there’s another resource we miss, let us know!

Yes, that one should fix the WDM audio issues. We will upload them on our pages tomorrow as well.

Danke, works like a champ. Alles gut.

The driver is now available on our website as well:

2 months have passed since Windows 10 was released. I am certain that Steinberg had a pre release version of Windows long before the official Windows version 10 was released. I know how this work since I am a developer myself. I checked this morning and there was still fix for the known issues.
Do anyone have any clue what they are doing there?

I would like to proceed with my free update to Windows 10 but I am presently kept from doing because it is taking so long for you guys at Steinberg to get your act together.

Have any clue when the update is going to be available.

What are you talking about? The new UR driver for windows 10 has already been released a month ago.

But Driver is not good. Sample is 64. Not 32.