Steinberg Activation Manager MAC OS issue

I installed Cubase 12 but I cannot activate my license because of this error in Activation Manager:

“Steinberg License Engine is Not responding… An Unknown Error occured etc”

It’s a very common issue with MAC osx, mine is 12.6.3.

I need Cubase to run on this computer, what do I do?
YES, I’ve restarted the damn computer many times, it does not help.

Thank you,

I’m joining this post but regarding a separate issue with the Activation Manager on MAC and due to not being able to create a new post.

I am running a legacy iMac with Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.6. I use Cubase 10 and Dorico 3.5.

I’ve tried to apply the newly announced Steinberg update to the Download Assistant. Automatic update failed so I followed the list of instructions, downloaded the 5 separate update dmg files, restarted the computer and worked my way down the list installing each of the updates. All except one of the dmg’s worked perfectly. However, the Steinberg_Activation_Manager_Installer.dmg says I need at least Mac OS X 10.14 to install the software. The Steinberg page about software compatibility says that ‘macOS 10.13.1 or higher is required’. Is that not still the case? Has the requirement changed? Can I continue using the Download Assistant with Maco OS 10.13.6?

At the moment, my downloaded applications Cubase 10 Elements and Dorico 3.5 still work. I hope that will not change.

I’ve uploaded a photo to demonstrate the problem.

Hopefully there is a solution other than having to upgrade my computer hardware and OS.

The Activation Manager started with Cubase 12. It won’t even know your Cubase license exists, since that’s still using the old eLicenser. Shouldn’t have any effect on your setup whatsoever.

Great thanks for the explanation. Have to say it’s all a mystery to me and I was following emailed instructions received. Thanks again.

Hello guys!

I’m using cubase 11 and this activation manager item shows that I cannot install it on macos 10.13.
There’s any alternative for me?

Cubase 11 predates the Activation Manager. The Activation Manager has no idea Cubase 11 even exists.