Steinberg CMC Six-pack controllers

Dear forum members,

I recently purchased the cmc six-pack controllers, and i downloaded the last drivers and updates from the Steinberg webside.
I have two questions.
The led dimming function in Device, Steinbeg CMC series, Led Dimming .
The dimming function only works on the AI controller and not on the other controllers.

Question two:
I see on several youtube videos that all lights on all knops, pads and buttons on all cmc controllers randomly blink.
This is beautiful in the dark, but how does this work, I can not find anything about this in the manual or on the internet.

Thanks for the help.


Peter. :unamused:

Two questions:

  1. Did you installed the drivers one by one, without another unit connected?

  2. Are you using a passive or active hub? I have 4 four units, and runs fine in a passive hub, but maybe 6 is too much for a single USB port. I can use the dimming function without problems.

1 Yes drivers and latest updates from the Steinberg support site.

2 USB hub with 5 volt power supply.

All units work fine, but only the AI unit has LED dimming.
I also tried three units on the USB hub and three unit directly to the pc, same problem.
Complete new driver installation, same problem.

How do i get the random blinking leds on the pads and knops on all units ?

Thanks for the help.

Greetssssss, :cry:


As far as I remember, that blinking thing is some kind of a test mode ( I think someone from Steinberg told that, but I am not 100% sure).

But you need to update them separately (connect only one unit, then run the update, disconnect and do the same on the next unit), otherwise it doesn’t work.

See here:

Thanks for your comment and help, problem solved.
Greetings from belgium to Brazil… :smiley:

Glad you got it solved.


I’m glad to help. Greetings! :smiley:

I didn’t know the CMC controllers were so fit! :smiley: :smiley: :blush: