Steinberg Dorico Pro Crossgrade from Sibelius

I bought Dorico 4 a few days ago from JRRshop after looking at excellent reviews. I then received the following email which has me a bit confused.
Regarding Order #////
Steinberg Dorico Pro Crossgrade from Sibelius, Finale or Notion Educational
Download Access Code: **(the code) This license needs to be manually generated. You will be contacted immediately when it becomes available.
Please visit the software company’s website to register and download your new software.
Enjoy! Best regards,JRRshop
What exactly is the procedure?
The code is a link to a Steinberg page to register a Licence number.
How and from whom do I obtain this number?
Who will contact me when it becomes available?
I have the eLicenser Installed, with my VSL products.

I have had and happily worked on Sibelius from the time when Sibelius 5 was the latest version. I followed the entire drama of the sale of Sibelius to Avid. I totally supported the disappointed English staff who where laid off adnwho founded DORICO. Finally, now that DORICO has matured and surpassed Sibelius I want to switch over.

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Hi @SibeliustoDorico,
Welcome to the Dorico forum! :slight_smile:
If you have the Download Access Code in the e-mail then you have to register it in your Steinberg account (the option enclosed in green):

Of course you need to have Steinberg Activation Manager installed on your computer and connected to your Steinberg Account.
After registering the Download Access Code to your account, you should open the Steinberg Activation Managere, where Dorico will appear. Then you need to press the button Activate in order to activate it.
The is the procedure you need to do in order you are having the D.A.C.

Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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It sounds as if you will receive the Download Access Code from JRRShop via a separate email after your purchase is complete. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t simply deliver the DAC to you right away, but that’s how the email reads to me.

Once you receive the DAC, you can run Steinberg Download Assistant, sign in with your Steinberg ID, and then click Enter your Download Access Code in the top left-hand corner of the SDA window and paste in the DAC you’ve received.

Thank you, reading both messages it seems to me I might and I hope, already have the DAC, how many letters and digits? I did not want to post (the code) sent, but I suspect now the DAC might be part of it. My purchase is paid and therefore I suppose complete. I must try all this carefully, unfortunately I have an appointment so I will do all this later.
Should I download the DORICO trial version firs?
I will post as soon as I have tried.

The quickest way to find out if you already have the Access Code would be to type it into the Steinberg Download Assistant. If it works, then that was the code you needed, and it may generate another code for you to use in a later step. (It has been a while since I did this, so my memory is hazy there.)

You are right, JRRShop has not sent the access code yet, I received a sorry for the delay email, I hope it will be on the mail tomorrow.

While waiting for the LICENSE I have decided to download and start using DÓRICO PRO in trail version. Run into this disturbing message during installation of Halion Sonic 7. Should I ignore it and continue download? DÓRICO PRO 4 Content disc image corrupted??

I’m not sure where you downloaded this, but it is clearly not the way you should do it.

Just download the Steinberg Download Assistant from here:

and install it. You will automatically get the required tools for activating Dorico and you will get download access to the required pieces, including the content.

Thank you for your assistance. I Downloaded everything from this page Dorico 4 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg
I have the Download Assistant installed but I do not see the DÓRICO PRO 4 Content in it, without it I understand that DORICO produces no sound. I tried the download again with Windows Security turned off but still the same message. Could not mount file, file corrupt.

The Sound Content is here

The ISO file you showed before is not needed, all download and Installation is done ia the Download Assistant.

So grateful there are kind people willing to help in this forum, I have downloaded HALion Sonic 7.0.0 and Sound Content for Dorico 4 from the Download Assistant . I see that my DORICO uses only HALion SE for playback . I have read that these are the only sounds that are included with DORICO 4. Is this so? Out of the box I must say they sound terrible. This makes me ask. What is HALion Sonic 7.0.0? What is Sound Content for Dorico 4 that I have just downloaded?
Already successfully downloaded DORICO from the previously mentioned page, Should I uninstall it and install it from the Download assistant?
Thank you.

I Bought and paid for the software on the 15th of this month.
This that follows is the latest email from JRRShop which I received yesterday.
[ Sorry for the delay, these are coming to us as boxes. Once they arrive we can send you the serial. I am checking on a eta. Regards, JRRShop]
Should I be worried?

It’s a bit crazy that JRRShop are ordering physical products from us, then opening them and sending you the Download Access Code contained within, but it’s probably OK. It’s slightly sharp practice on their part to sell you the product as if it’s in stock and can be delivered right away when in fact they are waiting for orders before they then order from us. It will then take a few days for the little package to reach them so that they can open it up and send the DAC to you.

It won’t be much use to you to hear this now, but you could have bought from our online shop and received your DAC instantly, and been up and running with your Dorico Pro 4 license several days ago.


Exactly, only you are too polite, I would say it isn’t totally honest. Consolation is, I can use DORICO 4 in trail version until JRRShop sends me the code.

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I also hope they are not price gouging you…

The seller is reputable and the price is right.
I received the following email from the seller. We apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, our shipment was lost in transit. Would you like us to refund you or would you like us to wait for the next shipment?
To which I responded I would like to know how long will the next shipment with my serial take to arrive.

I would anytime buy from the Steinber Online Shop. :

I would recommend you request a refund. If you buy from the Steinberg online shop in the next couple of days, you can save 30% on the normal price of a Dorico Pro crossgrade from Sibelius. This special price expires on April 5.


I hope this 30% discount includes April 5 because if I don’t get a reply tomorrow, I will indeed take your offer and ask for a refund from JRRShop .