Steinberg Download assistent looks..funny

Hi…I recently bought CUbase Elements 11…Everything looks and work fine for now…the only thing I do not understand why my Steiberg Download Assitent look wired…I have some incomprehensible font…looks like this…

…what can be problem.Thanks for help

Maybe your localization is not so well supported…?!

Hi…I do not use any localization.I am using english version…It is only place with " HIEROGLYPHICS"…if you look closely everyhing else looks good…

…maybe some system font is corrupted or something…

lel its a caesar cipher with a right rotation of 2 (every letter is replaced by the one after next in the alphabet) which is really weird.
Sorry I have no idea what’s causing it though, I only can tell you that Ewdcug means Cubase and Pwgpfq is Nuendo.

You could use something like Process Monitor - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs to check if and which system font files the installer accesses and try to reinstall them. That’s a bit far fetched though, probably its just a cubase bug you can’t do much about.


Yes, so weird.
It’s like the unicode alphabet was being recalculated, heh. Can’t wait for Ewdcug 1.3! :woozy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

ehehehe I actually kind of like it :sunglasses: