Steinberg Download assistent looks..funny

Hi…I recently bought CUbase Elements 11…Everything looks and work fine for now…the only thing I do not understand why my Steiberg Download Assitent look wired…I have some incomprehensible font…looks like this…

…what can be problem.Thanks for help

Maybe your localization is not so well supported…?!

Hi…I do not use any localization.I am using english version…It is only place with " HIEROGLYPHICS"…if you look closely everyhing else looks good…

…maybe some system font is corrupted or something…

lel its a caesar cipher with a right rotation of 2 (every letter is replaced by the one after next in the alphabet) which is really weird.
Sorry I have no idea what’s causing it though, I only can tell you that Ewdcug means Cubase and Pwgpfq is Nuendo.

You could use something like Process Monitor - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn to check if and which system font files the installer accesses and try to reinstall them. That’s a bit far fetched though, probably its just a cubase bug you can’t do much about.



Yes, so weird.
It’s like the unicode alphabet was being recalculated, heh. Can’t wait for Ewdcug 1.3! :woozy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

ehehehe I actually kind of like it :sunglasses:

I have the exact same problem now. Anybody with a solution?

I have the same problem too :confused: A year later and Cubase team hasn’t even tried to address this ?!?!

Am I supposed to open a support ticket for an error message that is in gibberish??

It says that the download cannot be started because you do no have write permission to that folder.

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Hmmm that actually helps a lot, I ran “steinberg download assistant” as administrator and was able to proceed. Not sure how I wouldn’t have access to my own downloads folder. Thanks though! (characters/fonts are still messed up though)

edit: I noticed another program, VUZE has the same problem that Cubase does (weird wonky font), so I suspect it is just Cubase doing a use-default-font thing and windows having some unusual, problematic settings.

Same problem EW Installation Manager!
I’ve tried everything to sort this issue. Too many hours wasted :confused:

This is not a Steinberg product.

Yes, I realise that this is not a Steinberg product. I merely wished to show that the issues I have with Steinberg Download Assistant are the same in the EW product.
In my opinion, the problem seems to be a system issue, and though I’ve spent many hours troubleshooting I haven’t been able to solve the issue i.e. re-instate the system fonts.
My hope is that in showing the corrupt text issue in other programs will help someone to suggest a solution!
Cheers - JP

Do you have the problem in the Steinberg program though? If you don’t, it’s not related.

Also, you don’t say what platform you’re on and have cropped your image such that there are no hints to see.

It is related and may prove to be a clue to solving the issue. Check the post title…
Here’s my Steinberg Download Assistant image

Here’s a link to my post raising the issue back in May

Are you going through a VPN or anything that could be applying a basic cipher?

I’m guessing those entries in the download assistant are retrieved from the internet when an active connection is found. So something may be adjusting the text and not returning it back.

Although even that seems a bit too far fetched to be true, I would just check you’ve got nothing running that may provide some kind of online protection or encryption.

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I assumed it was a system font error and went down the rabbit hole.
I’ll go back to a ‘solution’ given on my previous post about this issue
[edit] I didn’t consider that the assistant might grab info’ from the net
I’ll try this one more time otherwise I’ll live with it!

Hi All,

I had the same issue with Steinberg Download assistant and I found the root cause. Fortunately I had a window system “point of restauration” before the problem appears that allows me to reproduce the problem. Finally the problem was appearing every time I installed a package of font, I had a folder with more than 200 fonts that I was selecting all and right clic install. There were system fonts and others but I don’t know exactly which one was causing the problem.
In my case It was clearly a Font problem and not Graphic card driver issue.
Hope it will help.