Steinberg Engages In Lying And False Advertising!

I have now spent TWO ENTIRE DAYS simply trying to get Cubase 8.5 Pro and all included content to install!

I have now reset my PC TWICE, and I have downloaded the latest Cubase 8.5 Pro installer TWICE!!!

When I go to install Cubase 8.5 Pro, there is NO OPTION to install or not install all the other Steinberg VST’S and related sound content!

I just install Cubase, and when I open it, some of the Steinberg VST’S are apparently magically installed, BUT NOT ALL OF THEM!!!

For example, GrooveAgentSE 4 is NOT installed!!!

AcousticAgent is NOT installed!!!


I go back to the Cubase installation folder and I select the “Additional Content” folder. In that folder I find the folder entitled “VST Sound”, and I see that all of the Steinberg VST’S and related sound content is contained within that folder.

I see the installers of all of the Steinberg applications and I get excited. However, my excitement is short lived when I attempt to run even the very first installer.

NONE of the separate content installers work!

They all begin to run, and then they quickly error, claiming some bogus missing file!!!

My computer has been reset twice already. There are NO OTHER apps on the machine! There are NO files to have gone missing!!!

Aside from the separate content installers which don’t work, for some extremely odd reason there seems to be THREE different ways to install Cubase, but NOWHERE are you told which one is the correct way to install Cubase. It seems that I can install Cubase by clicking on “Start Center” and then going to “Install”, but that just gives me an immediate script error and ask me if I would like to continue. I click “continue” and nothing happens… ever. I could click on Cubase85_64bit. That install choice actually DOES install Cubase, BUT it NEVER pops up any window/s with ANY kind of options about what Steinberg apps I would like to install or not install. Lastly, apparently I can also install Cubase by clicking on the “Setup” icon. When I install via the “Setup” icon, I get yet ANOTHER completely different set of windows. One of the pop up windows in this particular Cubase install method DOES mention HalionSonic SE, Groove Agent SE Acoustic Agent and Content, but it does NOT allow me to actually select anything about them. It just list them with the phrase “No changes” next to them, whatever that means?

Can someone please tell me WHICH Cubase installer icon paradigm is the correct, right, appropriate, proper way to install Cubase? Is there a reason we have THREE different install icons with THREE different sets of associated windows?

My computer has been reset twice already. There are NO OTHER apps on the machine! There are NO files to have gone missing!!!

After all of this time and frustration, I ONLY have Cubase installed and STILL, some of my included content is missing.

One of the reasons that I bought Cubase was for the included content. If I can’t have the alleged included content, then Steinberg has tricked me via lying and false advertising!

I will NEVER buy another Steinberg product and I vow to TRASH this company whenever and wherever I can in perpetuity!!!


Thx for the drama interlude…

Install went fine here btw… Content and everything else…

First things first… What OS are you running…?

A little off topic, but here is a nice quote from Urs Heckmann which i think every company out there could take a slice of:
“It’s very important to our company ethos that we openly admit to bugs and other errors. Everyone makes mistakes, and attempts to cover them up usually end in tears for the developer as well as the customer. I’ve seen companies collapse because the people behind them couldn’t handle criticism. It might seem unprofessional to say, “Oops – we messed up”, but it’s important for a company to reflect on its own actions and be candid about any slip-ups. People feel good about us because they recognise us as real people. Of course, they are real people too, with real concerns. I don’t think a faceless company with a fancy name and a posh website can communicate as effectively.”

Seems like a very good guy…

You’re freaking out and making crazy, unreasonable claims. Calm down and use your head. This is obviously an issue on your end, Cubase Pro has thousands of users and most of us have been able to install this content without issues, so it obviously exists.

You’re also doing very little to help us help you. What OS are you using? You said the separate installers complain about missing files, which files?

Are you running the 876 MB update installer (which is meant ONLY for Cubase Pro 8 users who still have it installed) or the 9.4 GB FULL installer (the one meant for everyone else)?

The update installer doesn’t come with any of the content, because it obviously expects the content to be already installed on your system.

The full installer (the one you probably need) can be downloaded from your MySteinberg. This is separate from your forum account.

Your notions of yourself and the world are crazily deluded.

As a satisfied Steinberg 8.5 Pro user I am sorry you had this experience with your installation. There are some very helpful and clever members of this forum who may be able to help you get everything working. I myself encountered a glitch with the installer for the 8.5.20 update but it was easily solved. I am quite sure you would be happy with Cubase 8.5 once its up and running.

Good luck,

Yes. I downloaded the full installer from My Steinberg. I’m NOT talking about the update installer. If you open up the full installer, you will see that there are THREE different ways to install Cubase and all have different associated pop up windows.

I have included attachments of the the THREE different ways to launch a Cubase install.
SET UP.png
Now. Which install paradigm is “most” correct, because Steinberg sure doesn’t give any clues. All three give you different windows and different information. :cry:

Also. Running 2.4Ghz Core i7, 16G Ram, 1TB Sandisk solid state drive running the very latest Windows 10 64bit.

Use the start center, there you can choose what to install.
If the start center fails it could be a number of reasons, most likely a corrupt download or missing system files.

just an aside note
run EVERYTHING as Administrator

I think they are installed already…this is why it says no change when you try to reinstall. It’s possible your problem is to do with permissions.

Try this if you didn’t do it on first install.

Uninstall and run the installer again…Tick the “install for all users of this computer” check box.

Note that Acoustic Agent is not a VST instrument, it’s loaded with certain presets in GASE and can be tricky to find at first…see here for an example method:

I have been a customer for over 10 years . Also i am a it engineer … instead of trashing a company how about sending your event log and letting us help u… look aroind your homestudio im sure there more messed up stuff there… so start with u first.

What an absurd title and thread. You have an installation issue and you go right off the deep end into some conspiracy about Steinberg duping you out of product. Bizarre.

I had a similar issue a few years ago. I was missing some VSTi, Retrologue.The Steinberg installer was always missing Retrologue. Tech support told me to contact Asknet customer service. Which I did they provided me with another full download. In other words the installer from steinberg’s site is missing some VSTi only the full original downloaded installer has everything included. Try to find the Cubase installer you got when you paid $$$ only that one will work…

Or check your email for your receipt call them explain and ask for another download.