Seems a little odd that I can add the Tascam DM-24 as a controller, but not Steinberg’s own Houston Controller.

Please add this functionality quickly. I use my Houston Controller religiously since Nuendo 1. It doesn’t make any sense why this device wouldn’t be available on the list.

Yeah, disappointing that they unceremoniously dropped Houston Controller support. Asked Timo about this in a Cubase 11 thread after it arrived, but no reply so far. Likely won’t ever get one if history serves.

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all might not be lost

I’m not serving the Cubase forums, just the Nuendo / ProAudio forums. So yes, the answer is that we make sure to bring it back.


Actually, Timo, I also asked about this in the Nuendo First Teaser thread back on November 17th within this forum, just to clarify my concern:

I’ve already updated to both Cubase Pro 11 and Nuendo 11, so it is good news to know that support for the Houston Controller is coming back. Thank you very much for answering this query. It will save me putting a reliable (eighteen years on) part of my workflow out to pasture in order to work with these great upgrades.
I also apologize for the tiny bit of snark I allowed to seep into my previous post in this thread. It is not an indication of my appreciation for your attention to our concerns in this forum, just my own frustration in the moment. Thank you again for answering, a lot of users will be happy about this.


Glad I’m not the only one using the houston controller. Yes please bring back support for it!

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Hi Jack,

all good, thanks. Let me have a chat to the dev team for when we can bring it back.



That is brilliant to hear! I just bought a Houston for Nuendo, so I will wait to upgrade to 11 until then!

“Funny” how differently Nuendos are treated by Steinberg. Cubase lamers request things to be back many times but get mostly ignored. NOICE! :frowning:

Steinberg doesn’t have infinite time and resources.

Also, Nuendo is 69.9% more expensive. Hopefully that counts for something, somewhere, some times.

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but cubase has much larger install base so brings in more money …so if it was about $$$ then they should concentrate on that ?

Either way this isn’t about dev time. The houston has been officially ‘unsupported’ for a long long long time. In this version the consciously removed it along with other controllers. Removing it took dev time.

And they did it with zero warning ?! I suspect because they thought the new remote API would be ready for release…it wasn’t.

In a broader sense I think manufacturers should be FORCED to support hardware for a minimum time. This applies to all hardware including dishwashers and kettles. We shouldn’t be living in a disposable world, it’s not the 1980s anymore. Thankfully there is already legislation coming in the EU to help with aspects of this.


If moh money is the excuse then they should clearly state it: Buy Cubase and we’ll forget you!
Buy Nuendo and we will spoil you! The thing is, reading a post from a Steinberg official saying that he doesn’t care about Cubase but surely does about Nuendo does not make you feel as a valuable customer. That lets me think about my future with Cubase. I own already StudioOne Artist 5 and even via SocialMedia (FB Messenger) I got technical support, without giving a license or anything. But they replied in time with a decent statement (automation in correlation to buffer sizes / sample accuracy). Never ever would Steinberg respond like this. If they don’t want to pay for support teams, then let the customers know in the EULA or whatsoever purchase agreement. I’m not the only one complaining about lack of support for Cubase, period.

You should go to Cubase forum with your complaints. This IS Nuendo forum. Even tho the company is the same the two product lines has both own staff.
I am very happy Timo does not spend his time on Cubase forums and things as he obviously has very limited time to collaborate here.

My point wasn’t that it was about their income, my point was that if users feel they deserve things and that it would somehow be different between Cubase and Nuendo users then “we” maybe feel we deserve about “70% more”, whatever that means.

I don’t disagree. How many decades do you think it’s reasonable for a company to support hardware tied to software then? Especially seeing that the software advances while the hardware remains the same. One decade? Two decades? Three? Infinite decades?

Feel free to quote the official who said that. I can pretty much guarantee that that never happened. Hyperbole like that does you no favors when trying to convince people.


Depends on the hardware - There isn’t a glib answer to this if that’s what your looking for ? We live in a throwaway society and the Houston is a perfectly good piece of equipment - it’s not ‘out of date’ or ‘underpowered’. Nobody is requesting updated USB drivers…just don’t deliberately make it obsolete. It’s the kind of trick Apple would do.

Seems reasonable to me.

regarding your other point re: nuendo/cubase. I don’t have the same elitist view as you seem to have. We’re all on the same side…in this case the ‘customer side’. Everybody deserves good service and to have their (paid for!) viewpoint listened to.

just my opinion obviously

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I don’t know if it’s still in effect. But here in the U.S. regarding auto manufacturers they had to provide parts for any car they made for 20 years!

That seemed to be pretty much the industry standard for most industries back in the day. You could still order parts for a 1971 MCI Console in 1988, same for SSL, API, Neve and the like. You didn’t have to scavenge for parts like you do now for small format digital consoles.

I remember vividly when that started to change. I was talking to my Dad about car parts and the 20 year law. He said, pretending to be a sincere salesman “Oh we didn’t stop making parts, it’s just on back order.” :sweat_smile:

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That was my reference, and nobody ever will state this in Cubase forum.
But as I was told, I’ll go away from here now. Cheers

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Bring Houston back


So Timo, any news on the Houston front? Not working in Cubase Pro or Nuendo 11 at the moment due to this. Muscle memory after so many years has me reaching for my Houston consistently, and the Alpha Track, Tranzport and keyboard solution just doesn’t cut it. Scrubbing with any of those, even the mouse, is not as smooth as I have become used to, not to mention all of the other functions it brings to the table. A simple update on what is happening with respect to bringing it back would be appreciated, even if it is solely to put us out of our misery to tell us it’s not coming back.