Steinberg Hub now in WaveLab should not force Edge on Windows

On Windows, links in the Steinberg Hub force Edge to open, it should instead respect your choice of default browser. Now that WaveLab 12 also has the Steinberg Hub, please vote over here for this feature request.

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Hmmm I am not seeing that here? It still opens Firefox?

Some link in particular?
This does happen here. Google chrome is opened.

These are the tasks that are started when I click any of the items on the left-hand side:
Firefox is set as my default browser (I’m writing this using Firefox).
N.B. this is on Windows 10, WaveLab Pro 12.

Do you mean with Steinberg Hub the new Welcome screen? If so, I can confirm that at least any link (including the video option “View on YouTube”) from News, Audio Editor, Audio Montage and Batch Processor is not opened in Firefox (my default browser), but in a window of Microsoft Edge WebView2.
The links for Deals, Manuals, Forum and Support are opened in Firefox, though.
I’m on Windows 11 Pro 23H2.

Looking at the Windows Task Manager, there are several WebView2 processes active - sorted under WaveLab Pro 12 - that appear with the start of the Welcome screen and disappear when I start WaveLab’s main application. So I guess the Hub uses some components of WebView2 to display its content?!

Over in the Cubase forum, @steve has added information about WebView and a workaround for Cubase (disable the “Show news in hub” option), but I haven’t been able to find an equivalent setting in WaveLab 12. It’s a pity too, because the WL12 hub is more useful than the hub in Cubase.

As there’s no option to turn off the “news” section in WaveLab, a workaround (use at your own risk, Windows only) is to rename:

%PROGRAMFILES%\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 12\Components\WebView2Loader.dll

Now the links on the left in the hub open in your choice of preferred browser!

(Credit to @Phillipus from the Cubase forum)

WL 12.0.10 has just been released, and I needed to repeat this process after the update.

And this will happen every time a new update is coming, because it is a plugin to the product.