Steinberg Licence Engine is not responding?

Hello all!
I am new here and …sorry for my English.
I have a problem with Steinberg Activation manager. Every time I start it, a window pops up with the message “An unknown error occurred while connecting to the Steinberg License Engine. Please restart your computer and try again”. After restarting, this window pops up again.
I’ve tried reinstalling the Steinberg Activation Manager but with no success. I work on Cubase 12. Everything was working for me a week ago, but now I can’t open the program .

I am on MacBook Pro M1

Thank you for your help…

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I got the same message ; simply, I restart my computer (Win 10) and it’s OK.

Thank you for your reply… but…I already restarted my Mac a few times. I uninstalled the Steinberg activation manager and also the Steinberg license engine. Installed back but no success. I just installed MacOS Ventura but still the same. So I probably have to reinstall the system.

Got a random no license error, went to the activation manager and it’s not working

Please help

Did you restart your computer?

Yep, so many times

Could you zip up the files from ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Activation Manager and send them to me via private message?

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Hi Ben, I can seem to locate the private message tab…?

Look for this button on ben’s profile page:

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Got it thanks

Hi, please help me, I have a same problem, same M1 Apple.

I have the same problem…Got the message when starting Cubase. I restarted the computer and it was solved. Today, I get the same error with Wavelab. Why is this happening?

New to Dorico 4, Macos, same problem, multiple restarts no luck.

My fault!
I had simLikned Library/Application Support/Steinberg and external link was not present!

I have the same problem with the “License Engine” on MBP 13" early 2015 Catalina.

Hello, I’m looking for a solution to this problem still. I am on Windows 10, and have tried reinstalling both cubase and the activation manager to no avail. Restarting doesn’t help either. Cubase was working fine just a few weeks ago. (I’m working with Cubase elements 12)

Hello! I have ‘steinberg license engine is not responding’ issue on macOS monterey.
I’ve already restarted my computer lot of times, but the problem persists.
Does anyone know how to solve it?

hey @Ben_at_Steinberg - I just bought GrooveAgent5 + Hypnotic Dance + Triebwerk & Cubase12 will not run. i get this darn License Engine is not Responding message. Support are ignoring me since 1st Jan 2023.

Same problem with windows 11. Cubase 12 Elements works only if i restart my PC. If I turn off Cubase then turn on again, the license doesn’t work.
Halion and Groove agent don’t work at all.

The same problem i have> Working with Cubase 12 pro. Lot of prblems with Activation manager, also Cubase 12 freezes…disastrous.
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64 bits)
Version (Build)
22H2 (10.0.19045)
i9 12th 12900k / 64GB ram

What kind of problems, can you be more precise?

Are there any dumpfile that you can provide?

This version of Windows and the processor is a problematic combination. Your processor has the new architecture of P/E cores and the full support of this is starting with Windows 11, the so called Thread Director.

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