Steinberg Licensing now available for WaveLab 11

Dear WaveLab 11 users,

I am very happy to announce that, as of yesterday, it is finally possible for all WaveLab 11 (and WaveLab Cast) registered users to migrate their licenses to the new Steinberg Licensing.
In the new “Vouchers” section of your MySteinberg account, you will find a Download Access Code that will allow you to do so.

For more information about the process, please take a look at this article:

Please note that - for the time being - it is not mandatory to migrate to Steinberg Licensing, but we strongly recommend you to do so to be up-to-date with Steinberg’s current technologies.

Thank you all for choosing WaveLab!


(Sorry for the duplicated post here)

Hi, I’ve just received the WaveLab Pro 11.1 Migration Voucher on my MySteinberg account.
Do I get it correctly:

  • if I use the voucher now, I won’t be able to run WaveLab 11 with my USB eLicenser connected on another PC anymore?

  • Instead, if I wait for WaveLab 12 (or whatever will be the next paid version) to migrate to Steinberg licensing, I will be able to run both, i.e. a dongleless v12 with Steinberg Licensing, and v11 with USB eLicenser connected to a different PC?

Hi, im trying to activate but i get this message:

When i try to activate the download code in Steinberg download Assist i get this

Hi Pedro_G,

is it possible that you have WaveLab 11 open at the moment? If the license is in use, then no actions can be done to the eLicenser.

All the best,

I dont have it open. All apps closed.

when I migrate my WL11.1 to Steinberg Licensing, will I still be able to run older, dongle-only versions of WL somehow?
I still have to use WL6 occasionally for compatibility reasons.


Could it be because my Wavelab pro 11.1 is educational ? I received an educational migration voucher , so it should be fine! i guess!

I bought EDU in version 10 then i paid for 11 upgrade. If this info makes some sense for any other things that might be happening!

After migrating WL11 to eLicensing WL10 still works for me with USB dongle

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Did you try WL 10 with USB dongle on a different computer?

It worked, but I had to type the code in manually. I repeatedly got the error message (no such address) when using the “send to elcc” option.

I’ve the same issue as @Pedro_G. My voucher is called WaveLab Pro 11.1 Educational Migration Voucher but I have a non-EDU license of WaveLab 11 on the eLicenser – probably because I upgraded from an EDU version sometime in the past.
The activation code of the voucher doesn’t work with the current license on the dongle. At least, eLCC doesn’t show an upgradable license.

no, same computer.

Worked very smoothly for me, thanks Steinberg!

Thank you nikope, and what happens if you try to start WL10 without dongle?

This is great… the transition worked very well.
Does this mean that the dongle is now useless and I can rely solely on software license? Or do I need it for anything?
I have the recent cubase pro and wavelab elements.

This message pops up stating the no valid license was found on this computer. WL Pro 10.0 can’t be started.

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Thank you again, nikope. So you have a Steinberg Licensing WL 11 active on PC, and a WL 10 USB license still active. That’s intersting. I’d be intersted in knowing if WL11 is also still active on the dongle. May I ask you to have a look at what’s exactly shown by your eLicense Control Center?

[Edit: problem solved. See here David_W’s last post. Now I have a WL 11 license on USB “WaveLab Pro 11 (Upgraded to Steinber Licensing)” that I can use on a different PC, plus a Steinberg Licensing activated WL11 [edit: WL 11.1].]

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Hello. What about license to update?
If I’m have wavelab 7 license stored on my usb
and one update to wavelab 8 not yet activated
If I’m activate my update what happen?
Can i get 11 to usb and 11.1 licensing?
Because I’m need to use older version too .

On this machine, I would have to dissassemble the PC as I have it on an internal USB port, and I need it for all the other Steinberg stuff. I also have WL11 Elements on a laptop with the license transferred to a USB-eL, I’ll test it there and report back when I get time.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that the license on the USB-eL (which was already a WL11 Pro license) is the one still being used – there are no WL11 Pro activations used yet. This is different from Cubase 12 on the same machine, where the USB-eL license stayed at C11, and one of the C12 activations has been used. I presume therefore that, if I were to remove the USB-eL from the PC, I would need to use one of my activations instead.

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