Steinberg Licensing now available for WaveLab 11

OK, on a seperate laptop with (originally) WL10, I applied an upgrade activation code and the USB-eL license was upgraded to WL11. I could still start WL10, then I removed the USB-eL and I could no longer start WL10 … although it (oddly) said something about activation, I cancelled out of it and instead uninstalled WL10. WL11 now works on that laptop without the USB-eL and is using one activation.

Hi @MrSoundman,

guess that - when compared to the differences between Cubase (Pro) 11 and Cubase (Pro) 12 - the visible differences between an installed WL(Pro)11.1 and WL(Pro)11.0 are only minimal.
Yet regarding their underlying licensing methods they belong to two entirely different realms.
I’m pretty sure that WL(Pro)11.0 wouldn’t run, based on Steinberg licensing (just if anyone might’ve thought that this would be possible).

On my side: just updated to WL(Pro)11.1 (from version 11.0.x) on two machines, still also use WL(Pro)10.0.70 on both.
After license migration to Steinberg Licensing: no errors (as of now).

Thank you very much - and well done @ Steinberg!


That is the expected behaviour as long as your USB-eL with the WL10.* license is still connected.

Hi @MrSoundman,

yes, of course, you and other more experienced users (including perhaps me) are aware of that.
Yet there was already some confusion elsewhere as to WHEN and HOW the version numbers really indicate the transition from eLCC dependency to Steinberg Licensing dependency.

Cubase: full version number jump v11.0 → v12.0
Dorico: half version number jump v3.5 → v4.0
WaveLab: sub version number jump v11.0 → v11.1
Content / vstsound files: usually whole number changes (as indicated in Library Manager)

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I have the same problem as Pedro_G and Martin90. I have a non-EDU license and got a voucher for a migration of an educational version of WaveLab 11. The activation code does not work for my license.

What exactly happens during the migration with the old W11 license on the USB-elicenser?
Will there still be a W11 license and will it be marked as non-upgradable as with the Cubase 12 process, or will it be reset to a W10 license and marked as non-upgradeable?


You will still have W11 on the USB-eL and additionally 3 activations under Steinberg Licensing.

Hello. Can somebody help to me ?
What about license to update?
If I’m have wavelab 7 license stored on my usb
and one update to wavelab 8 not yet activated
If I’m activate my update what happen?
Can i get 11 to usb and 11.1 licensing?
Because I’m need to use older version too .

Hi Pedro_G,

yes, that is the cause of the issue. We have identified a problem with previous EDU licenses that were updated to non-Edu licenses and are receiving an Educational Voucher. We are working on a solution and we’ll probably have new Vouchers for you by next week. Please stay tuned.

All the best,

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Hi friendofaudio,

It is not “useless” but the WaveLab license in it can no longer be updated to later versions. If you have other licenses in it, the you should definitely keep it safe until migration processes are available for those licenses.

Also, if you rely on older versions of WaveLab for compatibility reasons, then the license in that USB-eLicenser will allow you to open them.

All the best,

Hi Viktor_K,

thanks to the Grace Period you will get a WL 11 license in Steinberg Licensing. Your WaveLab 7 license in the eLicenser will turn to a “non-upgradable” WL 11 license that will enable you to use older versions on WaveLab.

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I have completed my transition to the new Licensing model. Everything is running fine.

My questions:

  1. If I have no use for the dongle - can I unplug it and remove the eLicenser software? I have no other products on my key - only WL. I am assuming I can ditch the package and USB key

  2. Down the road when I go to reinstall WL 11-12-13-14 in a new build - I obviously will not need the eLicenser software OR the USB dongle - what is the procedure to get WL up and running with the new licensing?

Is it as easy as simply making sure the Steinberg Activation Manager is installed and I am looed into my Steinberg account?



Why Steinberg? Why is it difficult?
I followed the steps to migrate the license to the letter.
In the elicenser the Wavelab Pro license is marked as (Upgraded to Steinberg Licensing).
When I open the Steinberg Activation Manager to activate the license on my mac, I only see Cubase Pro or Dorico, wich I already activated weeks ago. No Wavelab to be seen!
So what do I do now???

Edit: After one hour , everything worked. I could sign in again and (re)activate my software.

I have Wavelab Elements and Wavelab Le. I recieved a voucher only for elements

You can unplug it, but then you’ll need to activate it in SAM (the Steinberg Activation Manager)

I don’t know, but you could try it and let us know what happens. You’ll probably find that the next time you run SDA (the Steinberg Download Assistant) that it will get reinstalled.

The USB-eLicenser still contains a valuable WL11.1 license. Throw it this way if you’re ditching it :slight_smile:

WL 11.1 is already “activated” via SAM. Not understanding this response.

That makes no sense. I was hoping to avoid that - but can see why it would download for those products not yet part of the new licensing model.

Well - by “ditching” I mean getting it safely off the machine so I can free up the port and not run anything to do with the eLicense service.

Now that I have “made the move” to SAM - I do not see the point of having two licensing options running. I do not use WL on any other machine nor will I so I want to clean this up ASAP.


Look at my earlier post above, and you’ll see that the I have no activations on my machine. WL11.1 is running with the upgraded license on the USB-eL. If I unplug it, I will have to use one of the activations.
There’s another post about the annoyances of the SDA indiscriminately installing everything, including the ELC, but I guess Steinberg are just playing it safe.

Anyway, to answer your question, yes, you can unplug the USB-eL now.

So, after successful migration, can we safely delete elicenser app and files associated with eLicencer from our computer (with dongle unplugged ofcourse)…?

I don’t know, but you could try it and let us know what happens. You’ll probably find that the next time you run SDA (the Steinberg Download Assistant) that it will get reinstalled.