Steinberg Licensing & USB eLicenser

That is completely unwarranted. I used no power, and posted an opinion just as any regular user can.

Ok Steve , did you delete my reply ?
I found your ask a little condescending , you know the Elicencer , you know one dongle gets deactivated when swapping licences from one dongle to another so why trey to make out im asking for more ? Im only trying to make sure that there is a contingency in place just in case a dongle does break , as i said above if it does break soon after the servers close then C11 users could potentially have a short life . I’m sure Steinberg wouldn’t let this happen but I for one want it in black and white .
If you never deleted my previous post then i apologise but it’s disappeared

Of course not.

see this post Steinberg Licensing & USB eLicenser - #4 by Matthias_Quellmann

One clarification would be nice regarding upgrades.

Say you have “Cubase 11 Artist” license and upgrade to “Cubase 12 Pro”, is the licence in the USB licenser upgraded too, so you can also use Cubase 11 Pro with the dongle ?

No, but you will still be able to use Cubase Artist 11 with the USB eLicenser as before.

SB have been very clear on this.

when the elicenser server shuts down then the dongle is ‘set in stone’ there is NO support - if it breaks or disappears then ‘tough’ - zero support.

it’s worse than that though - at this point it’s possible/probable that the licences left on the dongle won’t actually be eligible for any upgrades. As far as SB is concerned ‘they don’t exist’ - they are set adrift…

They continue to work as long as the hardware keeps working but if/when that breaks…adios.

Our statements today have been about the introduction of the new licensing system.

We haven’t set a date for the eLicenser servers to be switched off because of these exact questions you raise. There are various options to provide migration paths for users of older versions of our software.

Which paths we choose will depend on various factors like how quickly customers transition to the new Steinberg Licensing system and the costs and benefits of the various technological solutions.

This is the start of a lengthy transition period where we will be listening carefully to our users and trying to be as transparent as possible about the upcoming changes, offering both commercial and technological paths to bring all of our user with us on the journey to a more sustainable and future-proof licensing system.


Then until the full path has been detailed and tested i feel the need not to invest in Steinberg until the system is proven to work and not a 30 days subscription renewal but paid in advance once a year .
I have a feeling this is the true face of Yamaha taking over .

The e-licenser support to the owners of the last licenses of Cubase (10, 10.5 and 11) should be minimum for 5 years (until 2026).

It means that if the elicenser gets broken before 2027, user can replace it.

great - but you haven’t really consulted so far ? We got this information from a newsletter from one of your elicenser technology customers before we got this from you.

so how long are you thinking until the elicenser servers are switched off…just a rough guess would be good ?

For a period of six months as you state in your press release! As far as I’m concerned I purchased my elicencer hardware and software, it’s mine and I don’t see why I should make a phone call every 30/days to ask if it’s ok to use it. It will be very difficult for steinberg/Yamaha to backdate licence terms and conditions already agreed many years ago into new ones without consent of all parties, it’s going to be a disaster , what with all the forced hardware upgrades to run Windows 11 it seems that all.parties would see a huge slump in sales, along with new products that will want to exploit it even further, many people will just unplug their stable systems from the internet, leave their dongles plugged in and just carry on making music. Contrary to popular belief , the majority of cubendo users don’t have multiple machines that gets dongles plugged in and out of it every day out to g it at risk of getting broken!

That’s entirely your choice, and I fully understand your concern about protecting your investment. Yes, how Steinberg implements protecting people’s investment in their licenses is changing with the new Steinberg Licensing.

Characterising this as a 30-day subscription is not an accurate reflection because we are still providing a permanent license which means exactly that within the scope of the EULA and the law.

No your not , it’s not a permanent licence , unless we sign in with you every 30 days then we have no licence .

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The dates provided to our eLicenser technology customer do not state when the eLicenser servers will be switched off, they are contractual support dates to provide a clear timeline to our customers so they can plan their own transitions.

Given Steinberg is by far the largest and most complex user base of eLicenser, it’s natural that our own transition may take longer. We will be the last ones to turn out the lights on eLicenser.

Again, one of the compelling reasons for moving away from this technology as quickly as possible is because it is no longer fit for purpose, creaking at the seams and poses a business risk to us as well as a real risk to our users investment. Delaying this transition any longer would be irresponsible.

That’s not true. Your license is still there waiting for you to log in and use it. It doesn’t go anywhere; it doesn’t explode.

Hi Ben - I’m sure your not breaking your own EULA or the law. The law is pretty weak in this area anyway :slight_smile:

I take issue with the idea that you are providing a permanent or perpetual licence…it depends on what you describe as the ‘licence’ because what you provide to the customer is limited to 30 days - that is renewed according to your policies. .That’s not actually permanent…in fact that’s the dictionary definition of a ‘subscription’.

The licence may well be credited to your online account as ‘permanent’ but that is not is what is being supplied.

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Unusable until we login with you to use what we paid in full for months earlier …the more i chew on this thought , the worse it sounds .
Im out of here for a few days to let this soak in .


understood but not relevant in the scope of this discussion

Of course, all the money invested in Steinberg products,DAW, instruments, libraries etc over the years has immediately lost all its value, if for any reason people wish to dispose of their licences and libraries they’d be valueless, new people would just sign up for the monthly payment and suspend ithe subscription when they’re not using it.

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I happen to have a 2nd USB dongle device. I wonder if there’s any chance of getting that activated as a backup so that I have two dongles to retain access to my old SX songs if one of them breaks?

I appreciate you may not know the answer to that!