Steinberg, Load 200 Impulse Responses into REVerence - tell me how much fun you have

Load 200 Impulse Responses into REVerence of a variety of different space types and libraries. In the store attributes, give each IR an applicable ‘family name’ so they are organized by library and give them each the appropriate space type category.

You will without a doubt, quickly realize, that this plugin is poorly designed for users adding their own IRs. Frustratingly slow and repetitive process.

What is the practical use of 200 extra own IRs?

I’ve got only 4 after 40 years of professional recording.

Were you mixing virtual and ambisonics 40 years ago?

If you remove all functionality that not everyone is using it will be a very tiny application and it wont be useful at all.

I’m quite agree. If you buy it packs is very uninviting to use them in reverence.
A simple file browser to load the irs when navigating is a simple solution like many third party ir reverbs have.
then you can organize the file in sub folders to have categories.
I add in the wishlist also the possibility to copy the ir file when backin up the project.

Well, I’m at the tail end of loading in over 3000 IRs one by one into Reverence and creating bank presets (many libs go beyond 36 programs so I created bank presets of 36 programs) and it took me quite a few days and was extremely tedious and slow.

However, this was mostly just loading each sample into each of 36 programs (x100) one by one, and then saving a bank of 36 as a Cubase preset.

I still have to store each individual program into the REVerence library itself, give a family name and room type.

Yikes. I did around 200 and I feel like jumping off a cliff. Just not very user friendly experience. I feel like Steinberg could benefit a lot by hiring a solid UX person, and then listen to them.

Steinberg would benefit from a solid UX person in many areas :mrgreen:

What is the context of this request? What is the story? Why do you want to do this? What kind of music do you want to create with it?


Some sort of multi-file batch import where the family name and other indexing attributes, and pictures are applied all at once which are then splayed across the the number of programs available.

A lot of IR libraries, especially of gear, are the exact same source but with a different time decay. SO you get an IR library of a vintage Lexicon Reverb and you get a bunch of files like:

and so on.

Would also like to see the amount of programs extended by adding pages to that bank of programs you can flip through. three pages or so.

My questions where not answered. To add some more. Where did you get those 200 IRs from? Could you send a link?

Basically, when building my DAW, I backed it up at different intervals of installation one of which intervals is a base installation of must-needed plugins, and extended utilities so that If I revert to this system or build a new DAW, I’m ready to go as soon as the OS installs, no problems, no bad plugins causing problems, etc, etc.

So I decided to make an extended IR library in Reverence that would be part of this adding all my own IRs that I’ve collected, freebies, bought, etc.

It was painful.

1 file at a time via the import button.

Basically, it could all be fixed by allowing multiple files to be selected when importing.

there could be some other UI interface improvements as well though.

There are multiple people using my system, all of who are doing different work. so an extended IR library made sense, and some of them are quite good.

-Ambient music
-Special FX
-Film sound and music,
-video games.
-access to specific vintage gear sounds
-specific places or regions

I´ve got lots of IRs, too. Selecting my go-to´s is fast and easy, but searching for a special one within my folders and comparing several IR´s with each other is inconvenient, to say the least.

here´s a free alternative, including a file browser:

Yes, I’m planning on getting Convology at somepoint… WaveArts is a sleeper company that actually makes really great plugins.

Sorry guys I could not come up with a workaround.
But I would like to come to the defence of Reverence a bit. Reverence is high-quality plugin. The internal signal processing is designed from an extremely experienced and talented developer. The Impulse responses that are on board are top quality. They have been recorded with the best equipment by professional audio engineers and where tested and reviewed by quality assurance professionals. The selected rooms that where sampled are legendary. The sound quality is superb. This plugin is used by highly successful producers and artist all around the music industry. It is favoured by so many. To be honest I really don’t get why anybody would need so many rooms to create music. When creating music and working on projects, would you rather endlessly scroll through a list of 200 rooms from dubious locations, or would you want to make quick decisions based on high quality content and get things done so you come to final results safe and efficiently that you can then upload to SoundCloud, YouTube, any other platform or pass to your customers or further down the production chain? Then there is also the aspect of style. Most musicians I know are interested in having their own sound and style associated with there music. If you use a different IR on every song you create you kind of work against that desire. So having a few rooms that you know well and are experienced with makes more sense.

I am not the one that reviews featur requests but am always interested in helping and offering workarounds so there are immidiate solutions to the problems. I am also interested in getting to know the community and understanding what kind of music they make and the exact context of there needs. But here I am apparently blind to the bigger picture. Sorry…


Thanks for the reply!

I’m sure you are right about the sonic quality and design of the plugin, but if what you say is true, then it is even more unfortunate that the UI and UX is maybe not that great. I have no doubt I will be using the stock IRs.

But, it shouldn’t really matter what amount of IRs someone wants, that should be an effortless and thoughtless protocol to integrate whatever they want - it’s literally just a tree directory of lists of files. There’s no saying what someones reasoning may or may not be. Some people simply like having libraries to explore to always discover something new that they haven’t used before and that is what spurs their creative inspiration. IRs are actually pretty amazing in that regard in terms of captured spaces… they all sound quite different, even spaces of the same size have drastically different qualities. Some people like to just put random limitations on themselves to see what the end output is - say, to only use IRs from underground tunnels.

It’s the UI and UX that is suffering.
-Multi-file import/or a user directory tree
-expanded program quantity with a page/bank system so that I don’t have to save +36 libraries as ‘Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’ presets.
-Multiple program selection for absolute/relative editing, deleting multiple programs, copy/pasting multiple programs.

Also in terms of marketing, you might want to emphasize the quality of the IRs included - ie, communicating with you here, you have me more sold than what the plugin initially sold me itself just aesthetically speaking - the UI is not giving off the vibes you describe even though the sound of the stock IRs is top quality.

Hi Jan, thanks for investigating this and I apologize for raising an old thread back to life, but I wanted to add my thoughts to your replies:

  1. No need to “defend” anything, plugins or application from Steinberg. We are customers and love and use the products daily. We’re simply trying to give feedback on things we run into when using the products. We want to help make Cubase better!

  2. I use Cubase Pro for every genre of music and soundtrack work you can think of, so not sure that your question about “why are you looking elsewhere” for IR files is helpful - but, perhaps I misunderstand your point.

  3. The original post and my personal replies to it are about how we use the convolution plug-in “Reverence”. As you say, it’s a quality sounding plug-in that does a wonderful job! That is precisely why we’re asking for improvements to file handling. It is awesome and works well! But, navigating hundreds of IR files is painful from a usability standpoint.

Thanks for reading.

It would be fantastic if it had an interface that resembled MediaBay, in that you can just create your own favorite folder locations and look at the files contained within.

Maybe Mediabay and these libraries can be connected, or can they already?

But I think overall, the OP is also stating that just the “editing” of the plugin itself, loading files and managing it in the plugin itself, is also a bit clunky… and slow… like… one file at a time.

I think with current UI possibilities today, this plugin should be more of an open browser and manipulator looking into the the users computer directories that they add. It could be much more instantaneous, rather than having to rely on programs. Just select a file in browser and it loads and can be utilized. Save the project and when you re-open, as long as the user hasn’t changed the folder directory, it will load back up.

Also, it would be really useful adding the possibility to load two independent stereo IRs to create a true stereo configuration, instead of having to use four channel wav files.