broken pages

Hi… I cant load cubase page Cubase: Your guide to music production | Steinberg … its white page all the time ?


Worked for me just now.

it loads for a few seconds, than white page … i try on several browsers . safari, chrome … mobile etc …

Mac thing? I’m on Windows. Still loads on Firefox.


It works for me here on Mac.

strange. i check to my several friends… also not working… it looks like some third party plugin on site is broken when comes to load … also some people report the same on steinberg fb page

Not working site…

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Don’t work link.

Did you try just going to and not to the Cubase page?
Is it a country or region thing where access to the site is being blocked, do you think?

home page loads fine. everything works fine until now.

yes, its somethnig up to the region and country. i dont know what

Essentially every page on except the homepage goes completely blank after a split second on Brave, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Something’s not right :eyes:

I specifically decided to check it and went to I am using Chrome. All pages load quickly. Everything is completely visible.

not working for me very well either,

all the header menu options are gone, and the pages don’t seem to want to load… they show the website spinning beachball equivalent